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  • Arshay Cooper | The Healing Power of Sports
    Growing up on the West Side of Chicago, Arshay Cooper’s fate could have been sealed by his proximity to gang violence. But when he signed up for the country’s first all-Black high school rowing team, he changed his trajectory and led his crew as they navigated a sport that has historically lacked diversity. Now a successful chef, author and activist, he brings rowing to other low-income communities so kids can have opportunities for a better future. On this episode, Arshay shares how rowing gave his team the tools to cope with childhood trauma. Through detailed stories about his experiences as an athlete and mentor, he shows us that there’s no such thing as a lack of talent, only a lack of opportunity. He also explains how we can all leave communities better than we found them. Learn More- Don’t miss out on any details — check out Arshay’s book, A Most Beautiful Thing.- Get involved or donate to the A Most Beautiful Thing Inclusion Fund.- See how else you can make an impact on sport and community through Nike Give Partners.
  • Shalane Flanagan | Hit Your Goals at Every Stage of Life
    When Shalane Flanagan found out that all six World Marathon Majors would take place in less than seven weeks, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make history. After two reconstructive knee surgeries and a year off from running, the long-distance legend came back to show herself — and the next generation of women athletes — what’s possible when you put your mind to it. On this episode, she breaks down everything that inspired her to take on the marathon of marathons and gives us a look at the training and recovery plan that’s helped her rise to the challenge (and have fun along the way). She also opens up about her journey as an athlete and new mom, what it’s like to be one of the only women in the world of elite coaching, and how anyone can achieve their personal best.  Learn MoreDig deeper into the Shalane Effect and see how it’s encouraged young athletes.Find out how to increase girls’ participation in sports.Want to train with Shalane? Download the Nike Run Club app for her audio-guided runs.
  • Nicole Snell | Building Confidence Through Self-Defense
    The fear of taking a solo trip or even just a late-night walk can be very real — especially for women and people of color. Self-defense expert and Girls Fight Back CEO Nicole Snell has had her own share of scary encounters. But through her passion for going it alone, she’s also had life-changing and life-affirming experiences. Tapping into hundreds of hours of mental and physical self-defense training, she knows how to spot danger and take control of a rapidly changing situation. Now she’s educating others — especially those in BIPOC communities — to do the same. On this episode, she breaks down why self-defense is rarely about eye gouges and groin kicks, explains why you don’t need Karate Kid–level fighting skills to have your own back, and gives firsthand testimony on why solo travel is totally worth it.  Learn MoreShocked by the stats on women runners being harassed? Get all the numbers here.Check out Nicole’s full credentials and the various programs she leads.Motivated to get after it outside? Nike’s got just the shoes for that.
  • Christina Maslach, PhD | How to Stop Burnout Before it Starts
    With workloads spinning out of control and workers not always getting the support they need, it’s no wonder “burnout” has become a buzzword. Enter Christina Maslach, PhD, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and a pioneer in the field of burnout research. In this episode, she explains just what burnout means — and what it doesn’t. She reveals some hard truths about what “mental health days” can do — and what they can’t. But most importantly, she offers a way forward, laying out six paths to a healthy workplace. Drawing on Dr Maslach’s decades of research, we can all learn to change our work environments for the better. Mind-Body LinksWe weren’t kidding when we called her “burnout royalty.” See Dr Maslach’s full credentials, accomplishments and awards.  Geek out with host Jaclyn Byrer on the research methods behind the full Maslach Burnout Inventory. Feeling stressed or frustrated? Check out this article to learn how exercise can help.
  • Jim Taylor, PhD | How Sports Help Kids Win at Life
    Less than 1 percent of kids grow up to be pro athletes. But the point of getting kids involved in sports isn’t to raise the next Serena or LeBron, says sport psychologist and parenting expert Jim Taylor, PhD. It’s to give them the mental tools to be healthy, happy and successful for the rest of their lives. On this episode, the former alpine ski racer breaks down the benefits of youth sports and shares advice on how parents can get — and keep — kids involved. The secret, he says, is creating positive athletic experiences and  not buying into the “youth sports industrial complex.” Drawing on his  experience as a father of two athlete daughters, he also digs deep into all the factors that can hold girls back in sports and identifies ways that each of us can help close that gender gap. Mind-Body LinksAs promised, here’s Dr Taylor’s credentials and accomplishments — plus a ton of his articles.An active family culture starts with our Made to Play Coaching Girls Guide.Want to help the girls in your life get moving? Here’s how to get them hooked on sports.

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