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  • Anna Kessel | Elevating Women in Sports
    Anna Kessel has been writing about women in sports for nearly two decades. Her work — especially when it comes to women’s football — has been so impactful, she was awarded a Most Excellent Order of the British Empire as part of the 90th birthday honors of Queen Elizabeth II. Many consider her book, Eat Sweat Play, to be a must-read at the nexus of feminism and fitness. On this episode, Kessel breaks down the history of women’s athletics, tells us why societal views are largely to blame for barriers to entry, and shares how we can all play a role in evolving the narrative of women’s place in sports. Learn MoreIf two quotes from Eat Sweat Play had you wanting more, find Kessel’s book here.Hear more about the benefits of getting girls in sport from our episode with sports psychologist Jim Taylor, PhD, then find more resources for how you can knock down gender barriers to sport.For more amazing stories about women athletes, check out Hustle Rule: The Untold Story of Women’s Soccer.
  • Monica Garrison | Opening Doors to Sport and Community
    In 2013, Monica Garrison rediscovered cycling as a means to manage stress, stay fit and spend time with her kids. What she gained were mental and physical benefits so powerful that she founded Black Girls Do Bike (BGDB) that same year. An organization that empowers all women to connect and experience the joy of cycling, it’s especially dedicated to opening doors for women of color and addressing health disparities. Now with over 100 chapters, BGDB allows women from across the world to form a deep sense of community through their passion for cycling and for giving back. On this episode, we hear from Monica and other inspiring BGDB members about their experiences with the group and their mission to democratize wellness.Learn MoreFind a Black Girls Do Bike chapter near you or donate to the organization on their website.Follow their journey and get to know more of the “sheroes” through their YouTube and Instagram.Inspired by communities who have changed their lives through sport? Hear Arshay Cooper tell the story of the first all-Black rowing team in the United States.
  • Laurel Proulx, DPT, PhD | Hit Your Pre- and Postnatal Movement Goals
    During pregnancy, your blood volume and energy expenditure can roughly double, your heart rate increases 10 to 15 beats per minute…and there are even more changes after you give birth to the human inside of you. So how do you navigate exercise during the endurance event of a lifetime? Enter Laurel Proulx, DPT, PhD, the founder of FEM Physical Therapy and a Nike (M)ove Like a Mother advisory board member. On this episode, she explains the inner workings of the pelvic floor and deep core and how to keep them strong. She also sets the record straight about pre- and postnatal myths and shares how to get back into movement after delivery.Learn MoreGot more questions that need answering? Check out the FEM Physical Therapy website.For guided pre- and postnatal workouts like the six-week Deep Core and Pelvic Floor Recovery Program, download the Nike Training Club app.Find more science-backed wellness advice and shop looks made exclusively for moms on Nike (M).
  • Derrick Henry | Finding Ways to Fuel Your Passions
    Derrick Henry loves working out — and not just because he’s heading into his seventh NFL season. The gym is where he finds inspiration, passion and pride. On this episode, he and host Jaclyn Byrer geek out over their fitness favorites. The Tennessee Titans running back also shares how his family has motivated him through ups and downs, how he found success despite the people who said he wouldn’t, and how all of us — whether we’re dreaming of running a half or determined to try out a new fitness class — can push past doubt and achieve our goals. Learn MoreCheck out one of Derrick’s recent viral workout compilations.Fuel your love for movement with workout programs in the Nike Training Club app and guided runs in the Nike Run Club app.Get LSU basketball coach Nikki Fargas’ advice on how to lose the excuses, then gear up for this season with all things Nike football.
  • Judson Brewer, MD, PhD | Unwinding Unhealthy Habits
    Whether it’s the struggle to reduce screen time or the battle against overeating sugar, many of us know how hard it is to kick unhelpful habits. And according to Judson Brewer, MD, PhD, the best-selling author of The Craving Mind, it’s not so much about willpower as it is about mindfulness. On this episode, the director of research and innovation at Brown University’s Mindfulness Center explains what happens in the brain when we break and form habits. He also shares habit-mapping tools, acronyms and reframing techniques that can help anyone take better control of their behaviors — for good.   Learn MoreWatch Dr Jud’s famous TED Talk and download his mindfulness apps on his website.Explore more of his research through his books, The Craving Mind and Unwinding Anxiety.Make a habit out of making good habits — check out this Trained episode featuring behavior scientist BJ Fogg.

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