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Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

Podcast Spectrum | Deutsche Welle
Podcast Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

Spectrum | Deutsche Welle


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  • Why do you listen to this podcast?
    It's an odd question... but we're not the ones asking. Researchers are.
  • Weekly roundup — Open your eyes & close your ears
    Hey, you. Before you listen to this, turn down the volume just a bit. And, also, the "outdoor transmission" equation just changed pretty dramatically.
  • The curious case of a jogger in China
    On a hot August morning, a man entered a public park, jogged a few laps around a small lake — and changed our understanding of COVID-19 by infecting dozens of people.
  • It’s time to talk about fireworks
    The last day of the year is a great one to be a human. For birds and other animals, it’s hell on Earth.
  • Should we be breaking the law to save the climate?
    We need drastic action to protect our planet — there’s no question about that. The question is whether disruptive acts of civil disobedience cause that to happen more quickly or more slowly.

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Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

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