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Are You Real

Podcast Are You Real
Podcast Are You Real

Are You Real


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  • 191: God of Miracles with Jon and Kasey Fuller
    On today’s episode of Are You Real, Jon and his wife, Kasey, address the subject of faith, which is one of the five topics they enjoy covering: faith, family, fitness, fun, and finances. Listen in to their poignant backstories, the inspiring narrative of how they each came to meet the God of miracles, and how He has worked in and through them throughout the years. You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to be deserving, you don’t have to know God in a certain way in order to receive His blessings. You’ll hear lessons about resiliency, obedience, healing, and trust, in testimony after testimony of God’s goodness. What’s more, Jon and Kasey want you to know that God has answers for whatever circumstances YOU’RE going through right now! Links : Visit Jon’s Website: Are You Real Get Jon’s Newest Book! Speaking God's Frequency LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE! Podcast - Please Rate & Review! Leave Your Testimonies! FOLLOW ME on Twitter   LIKE & FOLLOW ME on Facebook Jody Roger’s Healing Tabernacle Sunrise Community Church - The “Weirdest Little Church in Texas”    
  • 190: From Pro Baseball player to Pro Marketing Specialist with Zach Lush
    Jon is back today with his guest, Zach Lush, to discuss building business, the entrepreneurial burnout Zach experienced, and how he found his niche in teaching others successful marketing strategies. Zach also details his “Pilot Program”, which teaches small business owners the fundamentals of digital marketing. Zach Lush is a father, entrepreneur, business owner, and former professional athlete. For 14 years, he ran a sports performance facility for athletes, and the last 5 years, he’s been in the specialty division marketing business. Join Jon and Zach in this inspirational conversation that covers faith, family, and looking forward! Links : VisitJon’s Website: Are You Real Get Jon’s New Book! Speaking God's Frequency LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE! Podcast - Please Rate & Review! FOLLOW ME on Twitter LIKE & FOLLOW ME onFacebook Connect with Zach! Zach’s LinkedIn Zach’s Pilot Program - Limited to 10 clients at a time! Four-week program, 24/7 Support! Great for church leaders and ministries, too!  
  • 189: Breaking Free from Your Past and Changing People's Lives with Cristi Gooding
    Co-Founder of YesLord, Inc, Cristi Gooding is here today to share her story of freedom and how she got into ministry.  She has a story of addiction and recovery, and now she only lives to be obedient to God. Cristi has an amazing story of how God gave her a vision of Yes Lord! She explains what it is and what the mission of it is. Listen to the episode as Cristi also discusses: What a “dwell night” is and what it means The early beginnings of Yes Lord! Why she didn’t wait for the Lord to drop her ministry in her lap How she stepped out in faith to get Yes Lord! started The miracles she has seen from her twice monthly “dwell nights” How she got global reach for Yes Lord! in the first week! How a t-shirt has been instrumental in starting the movement Why she feels so strongly about her own personal testimony Her 20-year drug addiction Her choice to overcome her meth addiction and how she laid it down overnight How childhood rejection led her to a food addiction that later turned into drug addiction How the real battle began when she quit drugs and went back to her food addiction The process of becoming unbound from addictions and how she dealt with it…..this was the hard part Why it has taken almost 10 years to break the chains of addiction that bind her Her childhood agreement with lies she believed about herself, and the ramifications How “giving” is her weakness, and she has trouble receiving What God is stirring within her Connect with Cristi: Website for Yes Lord is in the works, so stay tuned Facebook: Yeslord Facebook Cristi Gooding To get your FREE Yes Lord T-Shirt - Email: [email protected] and send your shirt size and shipping address. Mention that you heard about it on Are You Real Podcast! Recommended Books and Resources: Honor’s Reward Girls with Swords Breaking Free  Sign up for the Are You Real newsletter at Are You Real
  • 188: Being A light in A dark Place with Nate Setto
    Nate Setto joins Jon on today’s episode to discuss Nate’s latest single, “Novocaine”, which deals with his struggles with anxiety, depression, and alcohol. Nate’s message to others is that you’re never alone, and God is always there to help you through your darkest moments. Listen in to this conversation to hear Nate share his compelling story about how life events kept pointing him to a relationship with Jesus, and how, in our imperfections, we are perfectly loved. Nate Setto is a rising pop and R&B artist based in the Detroit area. As a Michigan native, he grew up with a passion for music and began writing songs when he was 7 years old and started pursuing a music career when he was 20. Resources: VisitJon’s Website: Are You Real Get Jon’s New Book! Speaking God's Frequency LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE! Podcast FOLLOW ME on Twitter LIKE & FOLLOW ME onFacebook Connect with Nate! Nate’s Website Nate’s Instagram Listen to Novocaine!    
  • 187: Living A thriving Life Through Forgiveness with Derek Stone
    On today’s episode, Jon sits down with Kevin Harris, President of Radical Mentoring, to talk about getting men involved in the church. A lot of men get on a career track and figure to make up for lost time at home and church later. They feel like they’re doing what they’re “supposed” to do, instead of what they’re “called” to do, but when you’re off-purpose, it’s exhausting. Once you align your life purpose and your calling, the exhaustion will slip away and you will begin to experience radical change. If you’re feeling stuck on the treadmill of life, you’ll want to listen in to this conversation to learn how, through mentoring, you can experience a life-change that brings you closer to God and matures you in discipleship and leadership in church. Kevin Harris is the President of Radical Mentoring, which is an intentional, small-group mentoring process to help church pastors engage men, build a core group of leaders, and transform their churches. He’s passionate about being a resource for church leaders that have incorporated small-group mentoring into their disciple-making strategy. Kevin and his wife live in Atlanta with their two sons. Resources: VisitJon’s Website: Are You Real Get Jon’s New Book! Speaking God's Frequency LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE! Podcast FOLLOW ME on Twitter LIKE & FOLLOW ME onFacebook Connect with Kevin! Radical Mentoring’s Website - Create a FREE account! Radical Mentoring’s Twitter Radical Mentoring’s Facebook Radical Mentoring’s Instagram Radical Mentoring’s YouTube Channel Books Mentioned: The On-Purpose Person: Making Your Life Make Sense by Kevin W. McCarthy Chazown: Discover and Pursue God’s Purpose for Your Lifeby Craig Groeschel Mentor Like Jesus: His Radical Approach to Building the Churchby Regi Campbell PROMISE KEEPERS 2020 CONFERENCE - Get Your Tickets Before They Sell Out!! “Igniting A Revival” Friday, July 31 - Saturday, August 1 AT&T Dallas Cowboys Stadium Arlington, TX For Ticket Info: Promise Keepers  

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