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  • Just Do It
    Nick is exhausted, but it’s not from putting in long hours or hitting the gym daily.  He’s tired of having countless conversations with entrepreneurs, influencers, CEO’s, etc. that say they’re ready to make changes in their lives but end up being all talk and no action.  Nick provides the blueprint, and he shows exactly what’s required of you, but taking the first step is up to you.  At this point, many will say they’ll get started in a week or two, that they need to think about it.  Don’t waste your time thinking about it, just do it.  Choose to make that commitment to yourself.  After all, what you do with your time is the most important thing.  For those that are ready and willing to take action, head over to and sign up today.
  • Sprint or Marathon
    Everyone has a calling, but most people ignore it. Have you ever felt like you were meant for something more? Action becomes easier when you are listening to your being. Remember that life is a marathon. Long steady pace, not just a sprint. There are times when you need to sprint. Look at your life right now and ask yourself what season you are currently in? Is it time to sprint or is it time to maintain a slow, steady space. It's important to take advantage of the season you are in.
  • What Are You Programming Your Mind With?
    Nick doesn’t often listen to the radio, but decided to turn it on the other day.  The first thing he heard was a news update full of doom and gloom followed by some political propaganda before he ended up turning it off.  He found himself wondering why does anyone even listen to this stuff?  It’s literally programming our mind.  Nick challenges you to think about what else you are programming into your mind and life.  The brain is the most complex computer system on planet Earth.  Whatever you put into it, it has to seek and find validation for that.  If you’re programming doom and gloom, that’s what you will seek out, that’s what you’ll find, and that’s what you’ll get.  We can all retrain and reprogram our brains, it all depends on what we’re feeding our minds.  Instead of listening to the news, try listening to motivational podcasts.
  • Deep Breath In, Deep Breath Out
    Deep breath in, deep breath out.  Did you know if you can control your breathing, nine times out of ten you can control your emotions?  This is why Nick has been working on breath work with his kids for quite some time now.  This past Friday night, Nick was met with a screaming child when he walked in the door after a long week. Nick had to remind himself that calm is contagious and after some breathing exercises with his son he was able to teach a valuable lesson.  Nick’s son first tried to hide his pain from his parents, and Nick had to explain that pain shared is pain divided.  Too often we all try to fight alone, or we simply avoid the pain altogether.  But Nick reminds us that pain can be our greatest teacher, and sometimes it’s necessary to feel it, so you can learn from it.
  • Raise your Standards
    Nick is here to share stories of success, failure, pain, triumph, and purpose, so we can look in the mirror and give ourselves permission to understand that we’re not alone, not broken, and that we can create any life we want in this world.  Remind yourself that what you see on the outside is merely the world you’ve created on the inside.  Your habits, thoughts, and patterns dictate your results in life.  Nick is currently involved in a fitness challenge, and he’s seeing members dropping off, with levels of engagement going down dramatically.  Why do we even have to throw a challenge out there for people to make positive changes?  It should just be what we do naturally, like breathing.  Creating your best self takes good habits and good discipline.  What are you doing to invest in yourself daily? Raise your standards for yourself and set your intentions.

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