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The Bottom Line

Podcast The Bottom Line
Podcast The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line


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  • Carbon Capture
    Can carbon capture save the planet - and make money? The government has announced millions of pounds of funding to support the UK's emerging carbon capture industry. How will it change our futures? Evan Davis speaks to the head of The East Coast Cluster, a project awarded some of this financial support, alongside other industry leaders, to understand whether this revolutionary technology could solve our climate change problems, or whether it is another way to evade our environmental obligations. GUESTS Andy Lane, vice president (CCUS), BP & head of East Coast Cluster Esin Serin, UK policy analyst, The Grantham Institute of Climate Change Olivia Powlis, head of UK office, Carbon Capture and Storage Assosciation Julie Golsalvez, chief marketing officer, Climeworks PRODUCER Lucinda Borrell
  • Hybrid working
    In 2020, the pandemic hit, and the world locked down. Suddenly white-collar staff went from working in the office, to working remotely. But now we are opening up, will people want to return? Hybrid working has become the buzzword of employers across the country, allowing individuals to have more flexibility over where they work. So how likely is this to function effectively? How do businesses manage staff and productivity? And will there ever be anyone in the office on Fridays....? Join Evan Davis and guests to find out. GUESTS Emma Stewart, Co-Founder, Timewise Sam Bowerman, HR Director, Retail Businesses, NatWest Group UK Lisa Kennery, HR and Marketing Director, The Pierce Group PRODUCER Julie Ball
  • Labour shortages and the new model economy
    Labour shortages, particularly in the hospitality and HGV sector have dominated the headlines from petrol shortages, to worries about Christmas dinner being off the menu. And its not just the logistics sector at risk - hospitality, agriculture and the care sector have all reported labour problems in post-pandemic, post-Brexit Britain. So what exactly is the solution? Do we bring in more labour from abroad? Do we invest in training and developing British workers? Or are companies going to have to pay better wages and improve working conditions? Join us on this week's The Bottom line to find out... GUESTS Rain Newton Smith, Chief Economist, CBI Alan Manning, Economist, London School of Economics Kaan Hendekli, JJ Food Services
  • Clinical Trials
    The extraordinary success of the creation of vaccines for Covid-19 has made the business of clinical trials look simple. But appearances can be deceptive and it usually takes many years and costs hundreds of millions of pounds to bring a new drug, therapy or medical device successfully to market. Evan Davis and his guests discuss how the economics of commercial clinical trials now look for companies in the light of such a disruptive event as the pandemic. How far is greater collaboration - with start-ups partnering with big pharma and research companies - changing the way in which trials operate? And will new tech developments - like the greater, tailored use of Artificial Intelligence, digital data and advanced statistical techniques - make the process cheaper and quicker - while compromising neither safety nor patient confidentiality? Those taking part are: Nuala Murphy of the executive team at Icon plc, a Dublin-based clinical research organisation which last year worked with Pfizer/BioNTech on their Covid-19 vaccine; Houman Ashrafian, managing partner of the biotech team at SVHealth Investors, a venture capital firm with offices in London and Boston; and Avideh Nazeri, vice-president in the UK for clinical development, medical and regulatory affairs at the Danish-headquartered integrated pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk. Editor Hugh Levinson
  • Carbon labelling
    Should consumers be told the carbon footprint of the products they buy? And if so, how? In recent years, a shift in customer attitudes towards climate change has caused businesses to up their game when it comes to showcasing the environmental impact of products. But just how transparent it this? How much do buyers want to know about how sustainable their shopping is? Evan Davis and guests discuss the highly complex issues around carbon labelling and how best to communicate sustainable business practices. Guests Emma Keller, Head of Sustainability UK & Ireland, Nestle Barry Clavin, Ethics and Sustainability Reporting Manager, Co-Op Hugh Jones, Managing Director, The Carbon Trust Producer: Lucinda Borrell Sound: Neil Churchill Production Coordinators: Iona Hammond and Siobhan Reed

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