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  • 'The Afghanistan team transformed me'
    For a number of years up to 2020, Kelly Lindsey was Head Coach of the Afghan women's football team. Recently she's taken up a position in England with Lewes FC, the first club in the country to pay its female players exactly the same as it's male players. It's no surprise that Kelly should be at such a progressive club, she's always lead by example, and as she explained her experiences in Afghanistan were life changing. In what’s been a difficult week for American football, we look at the fallout from Jon Gruden's resignation as the Las Vegas Raiders' head coach after allegations of the existence of numerous inappropriate emails surfaced. Plus on the weekend London hosts Miami Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars, we’ll look at the NFL’s plan to expand its International Series to Germany with former NFL star Markus Kuhn. Before the Olympics in July much of the talk was of whether athletes would use their time on the podium to protest against injustice. As it turns out there was hardly any athlete activism on display in Tokyo, which makes what Raven Saunders did when she received her silver medal in the shot put even more noteworthy. Saunders explains why during the medal ceremony she raised her arms and crossed them in the shape of an X to show support for "oppressed" people. We drop in on the final day of action at the Huntsman World Senior Games which have been taking place this week in Utah, and we're live at Watford as Claudio Ranieri returns to the Premier league. Photo: A player of Afghanistan national women football team arrives for a training session at Odivelas, outskirts of Lisbon on September 30, 2021 (Credit: PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP via Getty Images)
  • Allegations of abuse in women's football
    We explore the aftermath of the shocking allegations of abuse in women's football in the USA. The news from the NWSL was particularly distressing for former Irish international Ciara McCormack, because for many years in Canada, Ciara tried to be heard and taken seriously when in 2008 she highlighted alleged mis-conduct by her coach at the Vancouver White Caps, Bob Birarda. In 2019, McCormack wrote a blog post called "A Horrific Canadian Soccer Story – The Story No One Wants to Listen To, But Everyone Needs to Hear." Birarda, who was also the coach of the Canadian women's under-20 team, was charged with multiple sex offences in 2020, which he denies and is await trial. Ciara started by explaining about the atmosphere and power dynamic at the club. The first new sickle-cell treatment in 20 years was announced this week. It's expected to help keep thousands of people out of hospital and reduce health inequalities for black people, who are predominantly affected. Like Nigerian Rugby League star Ade Adebisi, or the "London Flyer" as he was known in his playing days. Ade holds a unique place in the history of the sport as he is the only person to have played the game professionally whilst also managing the condition. Plus we hear from Libyan International footballer Mo Bettamer as the nation looks to qualify for it's first ever men's world cup preview the big fight in Las Vegas, Fury v Wilder III and look ahead to the Manchester derby in the Women's Super League Photo Credit Getty Images
  • "Golf saved me, twice"
    Ken Green had a good career as a professional golfer, he was a five time winner of the US Tour and reached 15 in the world. For Ken however it was much more than a sport, because his life off the course had seen so much trauma. Here in his own words he explains what he as been through and how golf "saved me... Twice!" The final race of the Triathlon Super League season took place last weekend in Malibu California. We thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with Taylor Spivey who was racing in front of her family in her home race. And we did talk about that, and about her recovery from a serious bike crash in 2014 which still to this day affects her, but that's the most compelling part of the conversation was when talking about the Olympics and the emotional cost of just missing out on a dream. Football, She Wrote is a new book where women have written a chapter on the game they love. It's a fascinating collection of memoirs and interviews covering all sorts of topics. Fudumo Olow is one of the contributing authors having penned a chapter on former England international Rachael Yankey. Who is the most important person at any sporting event? The athlete, right? Well apart from them you can list a whole load of people who can make or break your enjoyment... perhaps the most crucial person is the commentator? I mean if you aren't at the stadium the commentator can transport you there... and the art of commentary is the subject of a new book by broadcaster Michael Schiavello Credit: (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
  • 'If not me, then who?' Tiara Brown sues the police
    Tiara Brown is one of the leading names in women's boxing and until a year ago was an award-winning police officer in Washington DC. Back in December, she told Sportshour she left the department feeling they were unwilling to instigate change following the murder of George Floyd. Now, in the first case of its kind, Tiara, and nine other black female officers, have filed a lawsuit against the capitols Police Department citing allegations of sexual harassment and marginalisation. We hear from lawyer Pamela Keith and Tiara. We find out what it's like to sink the winning putt for Europe in the Ryder Cup played in the USA. That's what Irish golfer Phillip Walton did in 1995. He tells us about that experience and why it was bittersweet. It is the AFL Grand Final between Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs. Despite this year's final being between two teams based in Melbourne, the game is being played in Western Australia because Melbourne is in a Covid lockdown and Perth is not. We are joined by Cheryl Critchley who runs the AFL fans Association. (Photo: Tiara Brown between rounds against Vanessa Bradford at Generoso Pope Athletic Complex on October 24, 2019, in New York City. Credit: Edward Diller/Getty Images)
  • A glimpse into the future of Sport
    Athletes Unlimited is a collective promoting a new way of thinking about professional sport, placing the player at the very heart and doing away with team owners. It's currently running leagues in women’s volleyball, lacrosse and softball. Jon Patricof, the CEO at Athletes Unlimited, told us how this revolutionary new concept works. Could the development of AI help players avoid injury? That’s one of the claims made by technology companies who operate automated video recording system that records the entire field without the need for a camera operator. Victoria Rich is the Director of Operations for the NWSL, where the technology is being used. Meanwhile, the system has also allowed some teams and leagues without any television contracts to stream their matches to fans and raise some revenue. Patrik Olsson, co-founder & CEO at Spiideo, explained how it works. Two times Paralympic archery gold medallist Danielle Brown explains how she used archery as a coping mechanism to deal with her chronic pain. Now retired, she has become an author and with the aim of inspiring other women, she has gathered 50 stories from different talented sportswomen in her latest book Run Like A Girl: 50 Extraordinary and Inspiring Sportswomen. Photo: Getty Images

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