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  • In the Details: Find Nourishment in the Darkness with Teddy Zee
    “I grew up on television, I watched TV 80 hours a week” says Teddy Zee. “I grew up watching what the perfect family meant, with the white picket fence, dog, two kids, vacations, love and family meals. I was living in two worlds.” Teddy was raised to survive and take care of himself. His parents had immigrated from China without money or education and while they never knew where the next dollar was coming from, they always had the TV or record player on. After starting in HR at NBC in 1979, he worked the ranks of Hollywood, going on to produce and supervise classic films like My Girl, Charlie's Angels, and The Pursuit of Happiness. Teddy discusses how trauma and tragedy happen to everyone and connect us all, as well as taking responsibility for causing pain, living in survival mode, finding joy in developing stories, and his new ventures in NFTs. See for privacy information.
  • rich & REGULAR: 87: Subscription Overload
    Americans spend $219 per month on subscription services on average. What’s worse – people guess that number is closer to $86 when asked. We used to only have subs for things like newspapers, magazines, gyms, and cable. Now we have streaming services, software, online courses, sports tv, vitamins, razors and more, all of which can erode your budget!  Today, Kiersten and Julien Saunders (@richandregular) are providing tips for auditing and managing subscriptions, lowering and negotiating costs, and simplifying it all. “I dare you to cancel something today,” says Kiersten. “Watch how good it feels – I promise you there's nothing better than knowing that next month they ain't getting your $4.” Mentions: Rocket Money (previously Truebill) Hiatus Trim Track my Subs Pocket Guard Order our book Cashing Out: Rate and review on Apple Podcasts! See for privacy information.
  • Brilliant Thoughts: Cracking the YouTube Code with Derral Eves
    “I’ve generated almost 88 billion views on YouTube. A billion of them was just dumb luck, but the rest was using the formula that I teach,” says Derral Eves. He’s worked with companies like Nintendo, Red Bull, Google, and Adobe and mentors MrBeast, now the highest-earning YouTuber in the world. Derral talks with Tristan about his formula for success, as well as the YouTube AI, his obsession with livestreams, understanding analytics, and the importance of storytelling.  Check out Derral’s YouTube channel at and his website at His book is called The YouTube Formula. More info about his 12 week course can be found at See for privacy information.
  • Law of Attraction: Surround Yourself with Greatness and Level Up with Dan Fleyshman
    At only 19 years old, Dan Fleyshman had made $9.5 million and was the youngest founder ever of a publicly traded company. He’s an angel investor of 43 companies and hosts events all over, with celebrities like Kris Jenner and Mark Wahlberg. But he’s also incredibly passionate about his charity work; currently he’s involved with the world’s largest toy drive and the Model Citizen Fund, which provides backpacks to homeless people with 150 items inside. Today he’s sharing his top three ways to market your brand, including how to effectively use influencer marketing, as well as his thoughts on angel investing, charity work, and being a power couple.    Learn more about Dan and his work at, follow him on Instagram @danfleyshman and at Join one of his events!  Elevator Nights: Avengers Mastermind Experience: 100 Million Mastermind Experience: —- We Are offering YOU the chance to have your voice heard on the podcast! We would love to hear in under 30 seconds how this podcast has transformed any area of your life. All you have to do is voice record your answer here: for privacy information.
  • On Your Terms: From Pro Football to Acting and Filmmaking with Cristo Fernandez
    For actor and filmmaker Cristo Fernandez football is life. He started playing professionally at 15 but when injuries put him off course, he made a big move from his hometown in Mexico to London, UK, to study, make films, and act.  He talks with Erin about creating his own opportunities, to landing his big part on Ted Lasso, and how the role was developed by and for him. Plus creating his own production company with his sister and developing films in Mexico.  Follow Cristo on Instagram His production company is Espectro Mx Films: See for privacy information.

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