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Millionaires Unveiled

Millionaires Unveiled

Podcast Millionaires Unveiled
Podcast Millionaires Unveiled

Millionaires Unveiled


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  • 214: Net Worth of 725K - Let Your Money Work For You
    Hannah has a net worth of 725K, most of which has come in the last few years. She is married with two kids and discusses budgeting, the power of compound interest and her investment allocation. Hannah also shares advice in making your money work for you - putting cash to work rather than just sitting in a bank account. She discusses her childhood including how her dad matched her savings until the time she was 18 years old. Most of her net worth is invested in the market, but she does have one condo rental property.
  • 213: Net Worth of 1.1M - From Mobile Home to Millionaire
    James has a current net worth of 1.1M. He grew up in a poor household and talks about the impact that had on him. He currently works in information technology and is 35 years old. James talks about switching his portfolio allocation from single stocks to index funds. He served in the Air Force for six years and holds only 1% of his net worth in cash. James also shares detailed mistakes (selling stocks too early, selling crypto at a loss, single stock investing, etc..) and advice for a solid financial future.
  • 212: Net Worth of 1M - House Hacking to Five Rentals
    Nick has a current net worth of over one million dollars, of which 65% is invested in single family real estate. He has five single family rentals and a primary residence. Once paid off, the homes should cash flow about 60K annually. Three of the rentals are former primary residences. Nick discusses property management and the tools and systems he uses to manage successfully. He also walks through a typical deal including the purchase price, mortgage amount, monthly payments, and cash flow.
  • 211: Net Worth of 2M+ - Health Above Wealth, Put Money in the Proper Perspective
    David has a current net worth of over two million dollars. He offers a unique investing perspective and insightful story. David's allocation includes some real estate, but primarily precious metals. He shares his story of starting in the airline industry before quitting his job to focus on what he loves. David also discusses the idea of "health above wealth," and how he came to that realization.
  • 210: Net Worth of 1.7M - "I Started in a Tire Shop Selling Oil Changes"
    John has a current net worth of 1.7M which is divided between his primary residence, one rental property, retirement holdings and various other accounts and assets. He started his career in the auto industry and now mixes that with technology for his current job. John discusses career management including negotiating salary, his start to personal finance and real estate investing, and the value of spending time with those you love. Listener Survey -  

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