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  • It turns out Wall Street titans and WhatsApp do not mix
    Heavy hitters on Wall Street admitted to record-keeping violations and now face billions in fines. Susan Schmidt of Exchange Capital Resources discusses the British bond market with us. We tackle the question of whether colleges should be responsible for parts of student debt.
  • A part of Medicare for seniors actually gets … cheaper?
    We try to explain why some Medicare premiums are actually going down. Explosions on the Nord Stream pipeline have some suspecting sabotage. We check in on the state of the SNAP program as the White House talks hunger and nutrition today.
  • IMF warns U.K. over its economic future
    From the BBC World Service: In a move usually directed towards emerging and developing markets, the International Monetary Fund has openly criticized the British government’s tax strategy unveiled on Friday. Since then, sterling has plummeted and the cost of borrowing increased, but the Treasury insists on going ahead with the plan. And in Germany there’s been muffled reactions to what is now thought to be an act of sabotage on the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea.
  • Social media users flock to unfiltered BeReal app for authenticity
    The No. 1 social networking app on Apple’s U.S. app store right now is called BeReal, as in being your real self online. No filters, no carefully staged shots. The concept, and the format, are so popular, TikTok launched its own version — both on its home app and as a standalone — called TikTok Now. Marketplace’s Kimberly Adams speaks with Erica Bailey, a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University Business School, who studies authenticity and marketing. On BeReal, Bailey said, you can only post once a day and only when you receive an alert, which can come at ANY time.
  • The racist backlash over Black characters is a labor story
    Actor Steve Toussaint plays Lord Corlys in HBO’s House of the Dragon. Here’s everything we talked about today: “Fear of a Black Hobbit” from The Atlantic “‘Rings of Power’ draws racist backlash and threats, but Amazon and Frodo stand behind it” from USA Today Check out this Rolling Stones article about legacy of Public Enemy’s “Fear of a Black Planet” album “Home prices cooled in July at the fastest rate in the history of S&P Case-Shiller Index” from CNBC “Women said covid shots affect periods. A new study shows they’re right.” from The Washington Post “Germany Suspects Sabotage Hit Russia’s Nord Stream Pipelines” from Bloomberg “Cardinals’ Albert Pujols hits 700th home run, becoming 4th player to reach the mark” from NPR With the midterm elections approaching, help us make everyone smarter about the economy. Donate today.

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