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LOA Recon with the Good Vibe Coach

LOA Recon with the Good Vibe Coach

Podcast LOA Recon with the Good Vibe Coach
Podcast LOA Recon with the Good Vibe Coach

LOA Recon with the Good Vibe Coach


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  • Guidance Doesn't Follow Protocol
    Are there times you follow protocol instead of listening to guidance? Even though as a conscious creator you know better? I sure have. In fact, in hindsight I realize that may very well have been what was holding up progress on a big desire of mine. In this episode I share how breaking the rules and defying standard proven protocol led to a very happy outcome. It's shared in hopes of liberating you from whatever uninspired actions might be holding up your progress, too.
  • When to Let Them Be Right
    Sometimes they have a better idea than you do. This episode is about the art of knowing when to let them be right, and replace your own thoughts or opinions with their upgraded ones. (As inspired by a recent salon visit, a local Airbnb listing, and everyone else who ever had a better thought about it than I did.)
  • Assumptions Worth Making
    There's lots of advice about the wisdom of not making assumptions, but for conscious creators some things are worth assuming. After all, we already do it in many ways, so why not make our assumptions good?
  • So Satisfying
    While appreciation and gratitude are wonderful vibrations to help manifest what you want, there's another one that is really good for your LOA game, too ... That's the feeling of Satisfaction. Fulfillment. Completion. This instruction tells Universe you got what you wanted, and when it gets that signal - it scrambles to make it so. Activating satisfaction is a fabulous remedy for striving or lack, so tune in to get good satisfaction flowing!
  • Letting It Get Even Better
    When things are not going according to preference, that's a good time to remember your manifesting skills ... You can use contrast as your cue to let things get even better than they would have been otherwise. That's the reminder I got when Samson's birthday package went awol. Tune in for inspiration to "even better" your next problem ... 

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