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Business Daily

Podcast Business Daily
Podcast Business Daily

Business Daily


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  • Generation Z and crypto trading
    The lure of making a quick buck means young people have always invested in risky assets. For Generation Z, it is the volatility and the decentralised nature of digital assets such as cryptocurrency and NFTs which is so attractive. They are unregulated, meaning there is no investor protection. Some experts warn that trading them should be categorised as gambling. Mariko Oi hears from young people who have lost vast sums of money trading in digital assets, Resh Chandran who describes himself as a financial educator offering training in conventional stocks, cryptocurrency and NFT trading in Singapore, and Brian Jung. Brian is an investor, entrepreneur, and influencer. He is best known for his personal finance, credit card, and crypto YouTube channel which boasts 1 million followers, but compared to other influencers, he is known to talk more cautiously about risks and danger. Presenter: Mariko Oi Producer: AnneMarie Parnell Image: Brian Jung; Credit: Brian Jung
  • Rebuilding Puerto Rico's electricity supply
    Samira Hussain takes you to Puerto Rico. Back to back hurricanes 5 years ago shattered the island's electricity grid, leading to the longest blackout in American history. Residents are still trying to claw their way out of the darkness. But one Puerto Rican town, in the island's mountainous region, may have found a solution. Arturo Massol Deya is the associate director of Casa Pueblo, he tells us how he's using solar panels to ensure a reliable supply of electricity to his local community. We also hear from Wayne Stensby, CEO of Luma Energy. Last year, the transmission and distribution of electricity in Puerto Rico was privatised and handed to Wayne and his team. He tells us the whole system needs a lot of regeneration and investment. Presenter / Producer: Samira Hussain Image: Arturo Massol Deya; Credit; Andrew Herbert BBC
  • Business Daily Meets: Estonia’s first billionaire
    In the first episode of our new strand - Business Daily Meets - we hear from Estonia’s first billionaire, Kristo Käärmann. In this in-depth interview the TransferWise (now Wise) co-founder and CEO explains how a €500 loss led to the creation of a multi-billion dollar business. He tells us about creating something from nothing, keeping his ego in check, and insists saving customers $1 billion a year is only the start of the journey. Presenter: Rahul Tandon Producer: Sam Clack Image: Kristo Käärmann; Credit: Jake Farra/Wise
  • Million by 30: Iseult Ward
    In this series you will hear from six people from all over the world who’ve hit that million milestone before their 30th birthday. Our second guest is Iseult Ward from Ireland, who tells Sam Fenwick how she started building her social enterprise FoodCloud while still at university in Dublin. Iseult and her team make more than a million meals every month from food that would otherwise end up in the bin. Hear how she started out working with small market traders, scaled up to work with huge multi-nationals in multiple countries and how she deals with imposter syndrome. Presenter: Sam Fenwick Producer: Helen Thomas (Photo: Iseult Ward. Credit: Getty Images)
  • Eurovision: The price of performing
    In today’s episode of Business Daily we’ll see how Eurovision goes so much further than the stage. We head to this year’s host city, Turin in Italy, to see whether there’s a been boost in local business there. We hear from Ochman who's representing Poland, on how his career has changed since becoming an act, and from Emmelie De Forest who represented Denmark in 2013, who says the competition was both a "blessing, and a curse". Dr Filippos Filippidis, from Imperial College London, tells us about the positive effect that Eurovision can have on a country's mental health. And Dr Adrian Kavanagh from Maynooth University in Ireland, talks about the economic impact of hosting. We also speak to one of the competition’s most famous former presenters, Danish actor Pilou Asbaek. Presenter/producer: Izzy Greenfield Image: Getty (Description: Eurovision song contest logo 2022)

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