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After Hours

Podcast After Hours
Podcast After Hours

After Hours


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  • A Super-Sized Edition
    In this super-sized episode, Felix and Mihir are rejoined by their friend Youngme to discuss everything from Magical Thinking to Elon Musk.  Recommendations: Slow Horses (Apple) Old Enough (Netflix)
  • Time to Panic?
    Felix and Mihir discuss the turmoil in financial markets and how best to respond as an investor or a corporate executive. Is it time to panic? What is the longer-term outlook for the economy? Will the Federal Reserve be able to tame inflation without causing a recession? They also discuss the fate of Upstart, an AI-supported lending platform. The former Wall Street darling lost much of its value, seemingly overnight. Can Upstart recover? Are we really better off with more consumer credit?
  • Managing the Chip Shortage and the Future of Ride Sharing
    In this episode, Felix, Mihir and Charlotte discuss what countries and companies should do about the chip shortage and discuss the future of Uber, Lyft and Doordash.
  • Ring the Bell?
    In this episode, Sarah, Felix and Mihir discuss startups that piqued their interest. Bet there are some names you have not heard of? Who will go public first? Who is doomed to fail? Also: Mihir’s CRY for help.
  • Is the four-day work week ever going to happen?
    Should you bet on a four-day work week? Felix, Mihir, and Sarah discuss the sports betting industry and the future of the work week.

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