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  • Workplace Problems—Fixed!
    Felix, Mihir and Frances Frei discuss why many workplace issues seem so vexing—and how to fix them. We also talk about Jacinda Ardern’s resignation as New Zealand’s prime minister. Is she leaving too early? How do you best choose your exit?
  • A Lunar New Year Special: BYD, EVs and Chinese Capital Allocation
    Felix and Mihir celebrate Lunar New Year by talking about BYD, Electric Vehicles, and capital allocation in China.
  • Banning TikTok, Lessons from Southwest’s Meltdown
    Sarah Green Carmichael and Felix discuss the ban of TikTok by India and the U.S. Federal Government. Do these bans keep us safe? How nervous should we be on social media apps? Is the U.S. next to build a Chinese-style walled garden that keeps out unwanted companies and governments? Also, we review Southwest’s operational  collapse during the holidays. Is legacy technology to blame? Did the company really underinvest?
  • Our Predictions for 2023
    Curious about 2023? Youngme, Mihir and Felix are back with their celebrated predictions episode. Who will acquire Spotify? Will Twitter implode? What’s the trend in inflation and energy prices? Who will top the music charts? Space travel for all? Listen in as the hosts outguess each other what the new year will bring.
  • 2022-The Stories We Loved (and a Few Others)
    In this episode, Youngme, Mihir and Felix share what they loved about 2022. Listen in to get their take on the end of magical thinking, quiet CEOs, the latest in sneaker fashion, and the collapse of FTX. Plus, we have an After Hours poem for you. (And no, we did not write it ourselves. Thank you, ChatGPT!)

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