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Third Culture

Podcast Third Culture
Podcast Third Culture

Third Culture


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  • S1E4 The Call
    Islam is at war with the West. Apparently. In this episode, Naima examines her experience growing up Muslim and tries to make sense of why Islam has become such a demonised religion. How do you stop yourself from becoming prejudiced against Muslims when everything around you links Islam with fear? This is the first of a mini series featuring the stories of Third Culture people from the 7 Muslim majority countries targeted by Donald Trump’s recent executive orders. Subscribe, listen and find out more on our website,
  • S1E3 The Exile - Part I
    Zulfi was raised in a dangerously political family. The estranged nephew of Benazir Bhutto, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, he is a member of one of the most powerful dynasties in the world. But when home becomes lethal, what happens to the boy caught in the crossfire? The first in a two part series. This episode contains descriptions of violence, so please use discretion. Subscribe, listen and find out more on our website,
  • S1E2 The Brown Englishman
    Kweku grew up as a black Ghanaian boy in a white English family. But when a letter appeared from Ghana, everything changed. How do you make sense of who you are when you have two families, one who made you, and the other that raised you? Subscribe, listen and find out more on our website,
  • S1E1 Back to the Motherland
    Home is a complicated concept - especially if you have a few of them. In this episode, Naima returns to Burkina Faso, the country where she was born, to find things have changed. What does it feel like to not fit, in a place that you should call home? Subscribe, listen and find out more on our website,
  • Welcome to Third Culture!
    Who are we? Well, that's exactly what we are hoping to find out here on Third Culture!

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