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  • Financial Abuse
    Restricting access to money, bank accounts and the right to earn an income are a few of the many and varied forms of financial abuse, often accompanied by other types of domestic violence. Sadly it’s estimated that one in six people in the UK are dealing with this deeply distressing method of coercive control. In this episode Felicity Hannah hears from some of those affected and about the organisations ready to help including: Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs, founder and CEO, of the charity Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA) Cris McCurley Partner & Solicitor at Ben Hoare Bell. Producer Smita Patel Editor Emma Rippon
  • Money Box wins back £145,000 for a vulnerable customer after his bank said no
    A High Street bank has refunded £145,000 to a man in his eighties after Money Box intervened. Alan was persuaded by thieves to transfer tens of thousands of pounds into what he thought were investments. The money was moved through his account at Metrobank which for many years had seen little activity. But the bank failed to notice large sums being transferred in from his savings and investments and out again almost at once. When a different bank finally blocked the scam, Metrobank only recovered a small proportion of the stolen money before closing the case. Then Money Box intervened and won back for Alan the full amount. We hear from Alan's wife Elizabeth. And from Morven Lean of the Alzheimers Society on how to work with banks to protect relatives with dementia from theft. Plus Kate Frankish of PayUK reveals new ways they're developing to try to cut authorised push payment fraud in future. Also - Dave, who got in touch with Money Box , describes the "black hole" he entered when the Department of Work and Pensions told him part of his salary could be taken to pay off a £1,000 benefits debt. The problem was - he'd never claimed the benefit, didn't owe the money and wasn't told which part of government was poised to take it from him. A year after problems like these were first raised by the programme, Stephen Timms, chair of the Work and Pensions select committee, assesses how well the DWP is fixing them. Plus - Would you borrow half the deposit you needed to buy a home if it meant losing half the profit when you sell it? Presenter: Paul Lewis Producer: Paul Waters Reporter: Dan Whitworth Researcher: Drew Miller Hyndman Editor: Emma Rippon
  • Running an Online Business
    What does it cost to run an online business? Small business owners share their experiences of setting up, marketing and developing their online brand with Adam Shaw and guests. If you've a story, a good tip or lesson learnt we'd love to hear from you. Tweet @Moneybox or e-mail [email protected] now and please include a phone number if you'd like to join in. Presenter: Adam Shaw Producer: Diane Richardson Editor: Emma Rippon
  • Financial tips from TikTok?
    Young people are turning to social media platforms like TikTok for financial advice. But how reliable is the guidance provided by usually unqualified and unregulated influencers? Reporter Anita Langary investigates. We also hear from TikTok influencer Callum Carver, and Emmanuel Asuquo of Talis Independent Financial Advisers. More than a million people have put money into Lifetime ISAs, or LISAs. You can save up to £4000 each year, and the Treasury adds a bonus of £1 for every £4 you save. But you can only use the money for two things: to help fund retirement or to buy your first home, which must be less than £450,000. If you break any of those rules there is a hefty 25% withdrawal charge. But with house prices up by more than 20% since LISAs were introduced, the £450,000 limit is causing problems for some first-time buyers. Reporter Dan Whitworth hears from one forced to choose between a hefty financial penalty or losing her dream home. Neal Hudson, a housing market analyst at gives us a countrywide view. We have news on moves to help victims of authorised push payment fraud - when people are tricked into transferring money to criminals. Plus new thinking on making it easier for 18 year olds who lack mental capacity to get access to their government backed Child Trust Funds. And as inflation rates head towards 5%, a new young generation is experiencing it for the first time. But do they really get it? And what can they do to minimise its impact. We bring together Jan Shortt, General Secretary of the National Pensioners Convention, who's been through inflation before, and Iona Bain, a financial writer about young people’s money. Presenter: Paul Lewis Producer: Paul Waters Reporters: Dan Whitworth & Anita Langary Editor: Emma Whitworth
  • Credit Reports
    A good credit report will improve your chances of being offered a mortgage, credit card or loan, so what influences your score, how easy is it to correct any mistakes and what can you do to boost that important number? Share your questions, experience and tips with Felicity Hannah on Wednesday's Money Box Live, we can't make the programme without you. Tweet @Moneybox or e-mail [email protected] now and please include a phone number if you'd like to join the conversation. Presenter: Felicity Hannah Producer: Diane Richardson Editor: Emma Rippon

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