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  • The Pen Addict 532: Nice Cakes
    New Sailor releases! Paper discontinuations! Weird products! Planner changes! It’s an all the great things episode of The Pen Addict Podcast this week.
  • Parallel 75: A Deep Dive into WCAG 2.2. And Beyond.
    The W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – WCAG – is the standard against which Web developers test for accessibility. Like most good standards, WCAG is evolving, with a new release anticipated within a few months. We talk about what the 2.2 candidate includes, and what's next for this important standard.
  • Focused 161: Stolen Focus, with Jean MacDonald
    Jean MacDonald joins us to talk about social media, the M.E.O.W. system, and reading books.
  • Upgrade 426: Splash Hit!
    Jason reviews the iPhone 14, we speculate about how Apple could make an October Mac event worth having, Myke solves his iPhone migration problems, and we answer your Dynamic Island questions!
  • Mac Power Users 659: Workflows with Alex Cox
    Alex Cox drops by the show to update Stephen and David on their new indie life, including Apple silicon hardware, collaboration tools and the new iPhone 14 Pro.

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