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Podcast Latino USA

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  • The Little Black Dress: A Hidden History
    Before it was the classic dress we all know and many still love today, the little black dress was mostly worn by working-class shopgirls and domestics. Monica Morales-Garcia began to research the origins of the L.B.D. to answer: How had so much changed, yet so much had stayed the same? Listen as Monica walks us through the decline of an industry and the rise of a garment.
  • Bianca Graulau Reports From the Colony
    Bianca Graulau is an independent journalist who's been using TikTok and YouTube to tell you what’s going on in Puerto Rico—whether you live there or not. By explaining Puerto Rico’s colonial relationship with the United States in English to an audience outside of the island, she’s also gathered a huge following there as well. Her own top video has 11 million views. Continuing our 5th anniversary Hurricane Maria coverage on Latino USA, La Brega host Alana Casanova-Burgess visits Graulau in Camuy, Puerto Rico, to talk about her journalism and what it means in a post-Maria society.
  • Responding With Dignity in Puerto Rico
    When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September of 2017, there was a complete lack of government response, highlighting the stark reality of austerity politics and colonialism. On this episode of Latino USA, we travel to the city of Caguas and follow the story of the Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico, one of the many community-led groups that would occupy an abandoned space after the storm and mobilize to meet their own needs. Five years after Hurricane Maria, they are now fighting to remain in the building they occupied.
  • Rubirosa: Haunted
    This week Latino USA is featuring the first episode of the Rubirosa podcast, a Witness Docs production. Imagine instead of James Bond it was… Jaime Bond, Javi Bond, Bondissimo. Well, guess what, y’all? The white, British character at the center of Ian Fleming’s super-successful franchise was actually based on a Dominican man. Porfirio Rubirosa was a diplomat, a playboy who spoke five languages, an international polo champion, a race-car driver, a pilot, and he became the richest man in the world⁠—twice. This podcast is the true story of Rubirosa’s life, told by me, Christopher Rivas. Who am I? I’m a Dominican-American, author and storyteller… and a lifelong fan of James Bond. Ever since I learned about Rubirosa and the heritage we share… I’ve wondered: how different might my life have been if my hero growing up looked like me? And what does Rubi’s incredible and complicated life have to teach me about love, success, family, Hollywood, code-switching, white-washing, and the roller coaster of finding my true self in a world not made for Brown folks like me? To subscribe to Rubirosa, click here.
  • Latino USA: Live From L.A.
    This summer, Latino USA took a trip to the West Coast for a live show in Los Angeles — and now, we’re bringing that special evening to you! On this edited version of our live show, host Maria Hinojosa is joined by actor Danny Trejo and comedian Marcella Arguello to talk about what makes Los Angeles so special — and to celebrate L.A.’s vibrant Latino community.

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