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Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Podcast Fortunately... with Fi and Jane
Podcast Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Fortunately... with Fi and Jane


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  • 208. Platform Yellers, Flushes and Flashes with Bridget Christie
    On the Fortunately podcast this week, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey have a chat with legendary comedian Bridget Christie. Bridget tells Fi and Jane about her new show Who Am I?, her experiences of the menopause, British folklore, the best things about Gloucester, and feeling 400 years old. Bridget will be appearing at the Leicester Square Theatre, London 14-18 December. Before their guest's arrival Fi is on the final morning of a holiday home, and Jane is outraged at British nomenclature. Get in touch: [email protected]
  • 207. Soup Making and Self-Pleasure, with Poppy Jay and Rubina Pabani
    This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane chat to Poppy Jay and Rubina Pabani, hosts of Brown Girls Do It Too on the BBC Asian Network. Poppy and Rubina's award -winning podcast discusses sex as a British Asian woman. They tell Fi and Jane about breaking taboos, negotiating generation gaps and translating Harry Potter. Fi and Jane then make a triumphant return to the piazza, where there's Women of the Year envy and matrimonial conundrums. Get in touch: [email protected]
  • 206. Sadé Singalongs and Glastonbury Tor, with Africa Correspondent Andrew Harding
    This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane welcome BBC Africa Correspondent Andrew Harding onto the podcast. Andrew gives them the lowdown on his new Radio 4 series 'Poison', which tells the story of South Africa's former president Jacob Zuma and his book 'These Are Not Gentle People', the basis for the podcast Bloodlands. Andrew also gives Fi and Jane an insight into the contents of his pockets and where to find the best food in the world. Before Andrew's admitted to the meeting, Jane's gone cold turkey on caffeine and Fi learns that actual turkeys aren't planted. Get in touch: [email protected]
  • 205. Paddling Pools and Remaining Desirable, with your Emails.
    On this week's edition of the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane rifle through some interesting listener emails from the past month. Correspondences cover DIY mishaps, whip rounds for babies, international goodbyes and much much more. Before they get to the missives Fi and Jane reveal their long awaited opinions on ABBA's holographic revival. Get in touch: [email protected]
  • 204. Cheese Blindness and Fictional Keiths, with Mary Ann Sieghart
    Fi is at home and Jane is at Broadcasting House for this week's Fortunately podcast. Their guest is the journalist and presenter Mary Ann Sieghart. Mary Ann speaks to them about her new book 'The Authority Gap: Why Women Are Still Taken Less Seriously Than Men, and What We Can Do About It.' Expect interesting insights on workplace challenges, Canadian knitting and party name stickers. Before Mary Ann arrives Jane is lacking Saturday night antics and Fi suspects her of espionage. Get in touch: [email protected]

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Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

Fortunately... with Fi and Jane

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