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Relay FM - Liftoff

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Podcast Relay FM - Liftoff
Podcast Relay FM - Liftoff

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  • 168: Apollo 16
    In April 1972, the crew of Apollo 16 spent 71 hours on the surface of the moon after a series of technical glitches put their landing in jeopardy. The second of three J-missions, the crew spent nearly three whole days on the surface and completed an EVA on the way home, returning one day earlier than initially planned.
  • 167: Back in the VAB
    The SLS has enjoyed some Florida sunshine but is headed back to the VAB for more work. This time, Stephen and Jason catch up on NASA's new rocket, plus some other news.
  • 166: JWST and the Future of Liftoff
    On this special episode, Stephen and Jason celebrate the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope and talk about the future of the podcast. The short version is that we will no longer be publishing every other week. Moving forward, we'll be recording special episodes as major news warrants.
  • 165: Forever Expanded in our Hearts
    Days away from (hopefully) the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, Stephen and Jason talk about the hype around the mission, as well as the latest with SLS and Starliner.
  • 164: A Dashcam for a Space Probe
    The future of the International Space Station is the topic of a new report, all while the SLS inches closer to its first launch. Also: DART is on its way to a celestial crash and a spacewalk has been delayed thanks to debris from the recent Russian ASAT test.

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