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  • Ice Prince: The making of a Nigerian hip hop star
    Growing up in the city of Jos in central Nigeria, Panshak Zamani better known as Ice Prince, never set out to become a musician. But through personal loss and the violent crisis he saw unfolding on the streets, he found solace in singing and rap. Panshak tells Anu Anand how he overcame his struggles to write a hit song that became one of the most remixed ever in Nigeria and rose to international fame. This interview was first broadcast on 5th October 2020. Presenter: Anu Anand Producer: Sophie Eastaugh Picture: Ice Prince Credit: Photogod
  • The secret that nearly destroyed our marriage
    For nearly 30 years Bobby and Cheryl Love lived a very ordinary married life together in New York. They raised four children, worked hard, attended church…but Cheryl could never shake the feeling that Bobby was hiding something from her. It was in 2015 that she finally found out the truth, when armed police burst through the door of their apartment one morning. Bobby and Cheryl tell Jo Fidgen what the secret did to their marriage. Get in touch: [email protected] Presenter: Jo Fidgen Producer: Rebecca Vincent Picture: Bobby and Cheryl Love Credit: Brandon Stanton
  • The locked-in boy and the brain experiment
    Erik Ramsey was seriously injured in a car crash when he was 16 years old. He became locked-in and lost all voluntary muscle function except for the ability to move his eyes up and down. His father Eddie, desperate to help his son communicate, reached out to neurologist and neuroscientist Dr Phil Kennedy. Phil was known for his pioneering work helping paralysed patients communicate again. His method was to implant electrodes in their brains that would transmit their thoughts to a computer. He started working with Erik and Eddie but eventually, in order to advance his research, Phil decided to experiment by implanting the same electrodes into his own, healthy brain. It was a drastic and controversial step - if the surgery on Phil's brain went wrong, he risked losing his ability to speak. Phil, Eddie and Erik are featured in the documentary, The Father of the Cyborgs. And Phil has written a book called Unlocking Erik. Get in touch: [email protected] Presenter: Jo Fidgen Producer: Maryam Maruf Picture: Phil Kennedy before his brain implant surgery Credit: Paul Powton
  • The spy who pretended to be homeless
    Tom Marcus - not his real name - was a spy; an undercover agent for the British security agency, MI5. For several months, he pretended to be a homeless man living on the streets of London. He went to great lengths to blend in, and it was all worth it when he ended up preventing two coaches full of school children from being blown up. He gave this interview in January 2017. Tom Marcus has written a book about his experiences, it's called I Spy: My Life in M15. Get in touch: [email protected] Presenter: Jo Fidgen Producer: Katy Takatsuki Picture: A homeless man in the streets of London Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
  • ‘Born lucky’: Escaping the Khmer Rouge
    According to Cambodian folklore, Sieu Do was born with a ‘cloak of good fortune’. His family believed it helped them to survive under the brutal regime in the late 1970s. Sieu was a teenager who could speak seven languages. This made him a target for the Khmer Rouge, who wanted to exterminate the educated classes. But those language skills would save his life when he found work as a physician’s assistant treating thousands of refugees alongside international aid agencies. Presenter: Jo Fidgen Producer: Mariana Des Forges Image: Composite of Sieu Do images Credit: Courtesy of Sieu Do

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