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  • Mehran Karimi Nasseri, Ann Savours, Sue Baker, Wilko Johnson
    Matthew Bannister on Mehran Karimi Nasseri – otherwise known as Sir Alfred (pictured). He was the Iranian migrant who lived for eighteen years in terminal one of the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Sue Baker, the motoring journalist who presented Top Gear. Ann Savours, the archivist and polar historian who wrote books on the search for the Northwest Passage and Captain Scott’s ship the Discovery. Wilko Johnson, the former guitarist with Dr Feelgood who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013 and given ten months to live. He undertook a farewell tour, but then a nine hour operation changed the prognosis. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: John Shirley Interviewed guest: Robert Headland Interviewed guest: Michael Palin Interviewed guest: Paul Schroeder Interviewed guest: Martin Gurdon Interviewed guest: Vicki Butler-Henderson Interviewed guest: Andrew Donkin Archive clips used: Clip from the trailer for Terminal Man, Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers YouTube Channel, Uploaded 13/12/2017; Clip from the trailer for Jonathan Dove's opera 'Flight', Minnesota Opera YouTube Channel, Uploaded on 24/01/2020; BBC Archive: BBC World News - 13/11/2022: An Iranian man who lived in a Paris airport for 18 years has died; BBC Archive, Top Gear 27/09/1983; BBC Sound Archive, Mastertapes 19/05/2018; BBC Archive, World News 07/08/2013
  • Peter de Savary, Bob Le Sueur MBE, Ela Bhatt, Hannah Pick-Goslar
    Matthew Bannister on Peter de Savary, the serial entrepreneur who ran private members’ clubs, once owned both Land’s End and John O’Groats and spent a fortune trying to win the America’s Cup for the UK. Bob Le Sueur MBE, who risked his life during the German occupation of Jersey by helping Russian slave workers to escape. Ela Bhatt (pictured), the Indian trade unionist who campaigned for the rights of street vendors and other self-employed women. Hannah Pick-Goslar, the German-born Israeli nurse and Holocaust survivor who was a close friend of Anne Frank. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Savannah de Savary Interviewed guest: Chris Stone Interviewed guest: Renana Jhabvala Archive clips used: OxfordUnion YouTube Channel, Peter de Savary – Business Advice 22/03/2013; BBC World News, Madonna and Guy Ritchie marry 22/12/2000; BBC Sound Archive, Peter de Savary – America’s Cup 02/07/1983; BBC Sound Archive, The America’s Cup 27/09/1983; BBC Radio 5Live, Backtrackers – Jersey Under Occupation 02/05/1991; BBC Radio 4, Open Country 24/11/2011; British Pathé/ Gaumont British Newsreel, Liberation of the Channel Islands (1945); BBC Two, Gandhi – The Rise To Fame 10/10/2009; BBC Two, India – Ruins of the Raj 11/12/1990; Yad Vashem – The World Holocaust Remeberance Center, ‘That’s What I Hope’ – The Story of Hannah Pick 13/01/2020; BBC Two Holocaust Memorial Day 27/01/2005.
  • Leslie Phillips CBE, Dame Valerie Beral, Avtar Singh Jouhl, Atarah Ben-Tovim MBE
    Matthew Bannister on Leslie Phillips CBE (pictured), the actor who made his name in the Navy Lark and the Carry On Films, then became a respected character actor. Dame Valerie Beral, the epidemiologist who created the million women study and investigated the safety of the contraceptive pill and HRT. Avtar Singh Jouhl, the trade unionist and activist who campaigned for racial equality. Atarah Ben-Tovim MBE, the flautist who inspired generations of children to take up music. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Peter Bradshaw Interviewed guest: Tim Teeman Interviewed guest: Jagwant Jouhl Interviewed guest: David Jesudason Interviewed guest: Emily Banks Archive clips used: BBC News, HardTalk Extra – Leslie Phillips 2000; Peter Rogers Productions/ Beaconsfield Productions, Carry On Teacher (1959); BBC Radio 4 Extra, The Navy Lark – Left Hand Down A Bit! 28/03/2009; Sol C. Siegel Productions/ Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, Les Girls (1957); Peter Rogers Productions/ Beaconsfield Productions, Carry on Nurse (1959); Impact Quadrant/ Izaro Films/ Quadrant Films, Spanish Fly (1976); Amblin Entertainment/ Warner Brothers, Empire of the Sun (1987); BBC Radio 4, The Skivers 17/03/1994; BBC Radio 4, The Life Scientific – Valerie Beral 05/02/2013; Jagwant Photobooks, Avtar Singh Jouhl interview – 2021; Midlands Today/ YouTube, Malcolm X visits Smethwick 03/10/2014; BBC Radio 3, Sound Archive – Atarah Ben-Tovim 11/05/1972; Thames TV, Seeing And Doing – Atarah Ben-Tovim 1985; BBC Radio 3, Atarah’s Music Box 04/10/1976; BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour 02/06/2004; Sandie Smith/ YouTube Channel, Atarah Ben-Tovim and Sophie Clavel at Chateau Rigaud 16/09/2016.
  • Baroness Blood, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ian Jack, Hilaree Nelson
    Matthew Bannister on Baroness Blood (pictured), the trade unionist, community worker and peace campaigner who became the first woman from Northern Ireland to be given a life peerage. Jerry Lee Lewis, the rock 'n' roll pioneer whose turbulent private life included bigamy, violence and drug addiction. Ian Jack, the journalist known for his long form articles and for editing the Independent on Sunday and the literary magazine Granta. Hilaree Nelson, the intrepid ski mountaineer who completed more than forty challenging expeditions in 16 countries. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Monica McWilliams Interviewed guest: Joe Bonomo Interviewed guest: Bill Paterson Interviewed guest: Sigrid Rausing Interviewed guest: Richard Williams Interviewed guest: Emily Harrington Archive clips used: Newsline Belfast/ YouTube, NI Women's Coalition Launch and Forum 1996; BBC News, Lady Blood being sworn into the House of Lords 02/11/1999; BBC Radio 4, The House of Ladies - The Mouldbreakers 17/08/2005; YouTube, Jerry Lee & Myra Lewis interview 1958; BBC Radio 3, Night Waves 16/05/2007; The North Face, Mentors - Hilaree Nelson 04/09/2018; Men's Journal/ YouTube, The Line Between Good and Evil 20/01/2021; OutsideWatch/ YouTube, Failure Is Next To Success - Hilaree Nelson Elements 26/06/2020; AP Archive, US extreme skier cremated in Nepal 02/11/2022; The North Face, Lhotse ft. Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison 15/10/2019.
  • Dame Carmen Callil, Ivy Jo Hunter, Kathleen Booth, Dietrich Mateschitz
    Matthew Bannister on Dame Carmen Callil (pictured), the Australian-born publisher who founded the feminist Virago Books. Ivy Jo Hunter, known as the 'forgotten man of Motown', he co-wrote Dancing In The Street for Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. Kathleen Booth the mathematician and pioneering computer designer. Dietrich Mateschitz, the billionaire who turned the Red Bull energy drink into a global success by sponsoring sports clubs and daring stunts, including backing two Formula One motor racing teams. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Harriet Spicer Interviewed guest: Graham Betts Interviewed guest: Ian Booth Interviewed guest: Amanda Booth Interviewed guest: Nina Baker Interviewed guest: Chris Medland Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs – Carmen Callil; Audible Audio/ Spoken Realms, My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin 30/03/2021; The Red Bull Company, Rapunzel commercial 1991; BBC One, Formula 1 – The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 14/11/2010; Red Bull Stratos, Red Bull Space Dive 14/10/2012; @pianograndad – Alan Melinek.

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