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  • This is Why We Win | DATE YOUR WIFE | EP 020
    How often do you commit to something, but not end up following through or seeing it through? There has to be a DAILY commitment you hold each other and yourselves accountable to, to become better and reach towards your goals. Today's Episode features Garrett and Danielle speaking on parenting, lessons learned from being parents, how sex can be used as a duct tape, and why routines help you win BIG! “Even though it’s like a zoo, enjoy this!.. I’ve been more receptive to having help inside of my home so I can enjoy this next chapter.. I’m so fulfilled.” - Danielle K White “Be present and play all in TODAY” - Garrett J White
  • #blessed OR #bigasswork? | DATE YOUR WIFE | EP 019
    What are the possibilities? Do you think you're worthy of them? In today's episode, Garrett and Danielle take you on a trip down memory lane as they talk about the growth and EXPANSION.  They talk about how marriage takes WORK, and you have to have the intention to SUCCEED ON PURPOSE. "Expansion as an individual is not about arriving at a place, it's about arriving as a being" - Garrett J White "If you want a marriage that's worth it, then it takes work! You're lying to yourself if you think it's going to be easy." - Danielle K White
  • Raw Collision Conversation | Date Your Wife | EP 018
    What controversial conversations are you avoiding within your marriage, business, yourself, and God? Today's VERY RAW and vulnerable episode provides value by exposing the real life drama and difficulties that Garrett and Danielle face. You'll listen in real time as they dissect issues within their household, and talk on how men and women handle conflict differently. "Before I go into a difficult conversation, I think - What is the ultimate outcome I want from this situation?" - Danielle K White "The value is simply in exposing ourselves" - Garrett J White "The hardest part in any relationship is being able to deal with the collisions" - Garrett J White
  • The Cost of NOT making it across the GAP | Date Your Wife | EP 017
    Are you connected but not committed in your relationship? Today's exciting epsiodes recaps on Danielle and Garrett's 19 years of marraige, how to push one another to growth, and the cost of not giving it your all in marriage.  Garrett and Danielle talk on Lucrative contracts, "Project Vacuum", and how Aventadors help people get laid... (ha ha ha). "You can't just say you want a certain outcome, but then not be willing to do the work in between!" - Danielle K. White "Do yoy evjer stop to consider you wouldn't be who you are today without your spouse?" - Garrett J. White
  • The Game of Having It All | DATE YOUR WIFE | EP 016
    What is it actually costing you by NOT investing in your time, your life, and your spouse? On this episode of Date Your Wife, Garrett and Danielle talk about raising the standard in your life, business, and marriage. From how not to give a compliment, body building, and sending scandalous photos to one another, this epiosde will once again leave you laughing and inspired on how to elevate the game inside your marriage.  "There is no miracle cure for your business. There's no other company that's going to step into your business and just magically make your shit work"- Garrett J White "In order to do more together, we had to stop competeing. It has to be more of - I support you, you support me"- Danielle K. White

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