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Podcast Babes and Babies
Podcast Babes and Babies

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  • Ep 244: Food, Culture and How to Eat Healthy as a Busy Mom with Anais Goldberg
    Anais Goldberg is a home cook turned entrepreneur and the creator of Cook Intuitively with Anais.  Her passion for cooking stemmed from watching her Mexican and Cuban grandmothers in the kitchen at a young age. Their use of flavors and invigorated senses enthralled Anais as she intuitively absorbed every essence of what it meant to cook. But it was when Anais walked down her health journey after recovering from her two consecutive pregnancies and being left with a laundry list of inflammatory issues, which she attributed to motherhood wear and tear, that Anais’ relationship with food changed. She shares in this episode how to create healthy meals for yourself when you are busy and raising kids to be contientious of their food choices. Connect with Liz   Get your first month of ANYcrate line FREE at  
  • Ep 243: Menstruation, Period Poverty and More with Nayanka Paul from Bloody Btches
    Nayanka Paul From Bloody Btches is on this episode sharing about the disparities menstruating people in our country face.  She has started a grass roots in her local community and an online communal space curated for Black menstruators to engage freely in conversations about menstruation, sexual health, pleasure, & liberation. We dive into period poverty, access to feminine hygene products and how change has to start with us.  Period: End of Sentence ( Can be found on Netflix) Connect with Liz  
  • Ep 242: Pregnant Americans are Feeling Dark Emotions
    This week I am sharing stories from pregnant Americans who are opening up about their dark emotions in pregnancy.  This is 1 of 4 epsiodes that are shedding light on new research around the mental health crisis among pregnant Americans.  This new research has been conducted by Nonfiction and is called The Invisible Weight that has been commission by Twill.   The remaining three episodes can be found at  
  • EP 241: Birth Story Medicine with Amelia Kriss
     Amelia Kriss is a Drama Therapist and Certified Coach in private practice in the Bay Area, California, where she lives with her husband and two powerhouse daughters. She works primarily with recovering people-pleasers and "Nice" girls who are ready to deconstruct self-shrinking patterns, and find more ease & joy. Amelia is also deeply committed to Birth Story Medicine work--helping birthing parents integrate, and move forward from, unresolved issues connected to the experience of giving birth. She believes that supporting parents through birthing as a rite of passage is an important (and too often missing) piece of creating healthier & happier families. Book a Birth Story Medicine session with Amelia at this link: Newsletter for Pregnant People called Soft Cheese: Connect with Liz: This episode is sponsored by Dockatot. Get 15% OFF with code MAMAS at  
  • EP 240: The VBAC Link with Megan Heaton
    Meagan Heaton is the co-founded the VBAC Link in 2018. She really found her love for birth in 2014 after her second C-Section, and since has supported over 300 couples as a birth doula. Meagan's passion for VBAC started after her own experiences. She had two C-sections and then went on to have a VBA2C. Her drive is to help women like herself feel educated, supported, and empowered during their birthing time. We dive into this episode the research, statictics and facts about vaginal and cesarean births.  The pros and cons of VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and what your providers may not be telling you. We also talk about the arrive trial which has increased the cesarean rate in first time moms. Connect with Liz Get your first month of ANY crate line FREE at

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