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Podcast Global News Podcast
Podcast Global News Podcast

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  • US warning over defence partnership between Russia and Iran
    The US national security council spokesman says the relationship is strengthening and could harm Ukraine and the international community. Also: one of this year's Nobel Peace Prize winners says President Putin must be held accountable for Russia's actions in Ukraine, and the sheepdog that's become an internet sensation for taking on a pack of coyotes.
  • UN vows to address human rights concerns in China
    The new human rights commissioner Volker Türk was speaking at a press conference to mark human rights day. Also: A Russian politician has been convicted of spreading false information about the war in Ukraine and the Japanese billionaire taking celebrities with him to the moon...
  • US bill protecting same-sex marriage clears Congress
    The legislation will enshrine marriage equality in federal law, protecting the rights of same-sex and interracial couples. Also: the chief executive of the Qatar World Cup is criticised for comments about the death of a migrant worker, and Celine Dion is diagnosed with a rare neurological disease.
  • US basketball star exchanged for Russian arms dealer
    President Biden welcomes a prisoner swap with Russia involving US basketball star, Brittney Griner, and the arms dealer, Viktor Bout. Also: Iran executes its first demonstrator since the start of protests, and M23 rebels in DR Congo deny they're supported by Rwanda.
  • Peru has new president after dramatic impeachment
    Ex-president Pedro Castillo was impeached after he tried to dissolve Congress. Also: the Taliban carry out the first public execution since their return to power in Afghanistan, and ancient DNA reveals what the Arctic looked like two million years ago.

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