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  • Chad lawyers on strike as protesters face court
    Lawyers in Chad have gone on strike, as protesters arrested at a demonstration where at least 50 people were killed last month are due in court. Plus, Malawi rolls out Africa’s first malaria vaccine for children under the age of five. And author Derek Owusu talks to us about his new novel Losing the Plot.
  • Somalia: al-Shabab hotel siege leaves several dead
    In Somalia, another deadly al-Shabab attack, this time on a hotel in the capital Mogadishu. We speak to environment minister Adam Aw Hirsi, who was one of those caught up in the violence. Plus, we get the latest from Sao Tome and Principe, where an attempted coup has left several people dead. And in Cameroon at least a dozen people have been killed by a landslide which struck a funeral.
  • Malawi’s Vice President arrested
    Malawi’s Vice President is arrested on corruption charges after an investigation by the Anti-Corruption Bureau. He denies the allegations. Nigeria’s Ake Arts and Book Festival celebrates its 10th edition. We speak to founder Lola Shoneyin. Plus, Uganda closes schools two weeks early to help efforts to slow the spread of Ebola.
  • Ceasefire agreed in the DRC
    Leaders from the Great Lakes region agree a ceasefire between the government of the DRC and M23. Also, Getachew Reda from the TPLF on the agreement they signed to end the war with Ethiopia. Plus, will this year’s budget kick-start Ghana’s stuttering economy?
  • Why are Nigerians swapping their high-value banknotes?
    Nigerians have to swap their current high-value banknotes for new ones by the end of January. Why the change? Also, we take a rare look at the workings of an elite Somali military unit fighting Al Shabab. Plus, from Harare - President Mnangagwa makes this year's state of the nation address in Zimbabwe's new parliamentary building. More on those stories in this podcast with Audrey Brown

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