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The Rubin Report

The Rubin Report

Podcast The Rubin Report
Podcast The Rubin Report

The Rubin Report


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  • Exposing the Real Cost of COVID: Debra Soh, Elisha Krauss, Jedediah Bila | ROUNDTABLE
    Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Debra Soh, Elisha Krauss, and Jedediah Bila about the real damage from COVID that is often ignored by the mainstream media. Whether it’s the mental health impact of the COVID pandemic or the pandemic’s effect on families, the consequences for children will be long-lasting. The effects of COVID lockdowns, mask mandates in schools, and life during quarantine have already done incredible damage to children that is often minimized by the media and our politicians. What are the long-term effects of the COVID pandemic on kids, and how can they emerge from this stronger? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Biden Tweets Weird Kamala Harris Propaganda Video, Dave Rubin Reacts | Direct Message
    Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report shares a must-see clip of Vice President Kamala Harris that was tweeted out by President Joe Biden. This bizarre piece of White House propaganda features a masked and vaccinated Joe Biden giving Vice President Harris a bouquet of flowers as she quickly puts on her mask for the strange staged photo op. Dave also does a special “ask me anything” question-and-answer session on a wide-ranging host of topics, answering questions from the Rubin Report Locals community. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Press Sec Stuns Press: Debates Reality & Mocks Americans' Problems | DIRECT MESSAGE
    Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Jen Psaki’s willingness to lie about anything, the growing vaccine mandate backlash, Netflix’s new Dave Chapelle apology, and Pfizer’s conflict of interest. First, Dave shares a clip of Jen Psaki arguing about basic facts concerning the late-night flights of migrant children. Vaccine mandate protests continue to grow as Dave discusses how the Chicago police and In-N-Out Burger have begun to fight demands for proof of vaccination. Netflix co-chief executive Ted Sarandos is backtracking his defense of Dave Chappelle’s “The Closer.” Finally, a video that highlights Pfizer’s conflict of interest with the media that has been hiding in plain sight. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Dan Bongino's Must-See Inspiring Speech for Those Opposing Mandates | Direct Message
    Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Dan Bongino threatening to quit, Grace the robot nurse, Democrats fearing a red wave, and the removal of a Thomas Jefferson statue. First, Dave shares a clip of Dan Bongino threatening to quit his show if his employer forces a vaccine mandate on his employees. Countless military officers may also be forced to resign if they refuse the vaccine. Next, a creepy robot named Grace that is designed to replace nurses for COVID patients. On CNN, Dr. Jason Johnson predicts a red wave in the next election because he thinks voter ID laws are cheating. Finally, New York has proven Donald Trump right. The  New York City Council voted for the removal of a 100-year-old statue of Thomas Jefferson. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Buttigieg Confuses CNN Host, Implying Supply Chain Issues Are Good | Direct Message
    Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Pete Buttigieg’s surprising take on supply chain problems, Joe Biden being caught violating D.C.’s mask mandate, Dr. Fauci’s positive guidance for the holidays, and Biden's negative effect on people’s view of government. First, a clip of Buttigieg’s surprising response to the empty shelves that many are experiencing. He sees all of this as proof that Joe Biden saved us from a recession because demand for goods is so high. Next, Dave shares a clip of Dr. Fauci giving some positive guidance for the holiday season, but only for the vaccinated. Finally, Dave shares poll numbers that show a majority of Americans now think that the government should have a more limited role in trying to fix problems. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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