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The Archers

Podcast The Archers
Podcast The Archers

The Archers


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  • 21/10/2021
    Jennifer learns from Tom that Adam’s left his job and is working at Bridge Farm on their harvest. She sympathizes over the situation at Danforth Barton, but she can’t hide her disdain for the work Adam’s doing now, suggesting the partnership could find him a role back at Home Farm. But Adam doesn’t want to return. He tells Jennifer the truth about why he left – due to secretly taking money from a Home Farm account – and she is stunned. Adam knows he’s messed up and right now he’s happy picking fruit. Jennifer can’t understand his satisfaction. Kenton delivers drinks to Brookfield for the Harvest Supper on Sunday. He and David assure one another their preparation to host the event is going really well but neither are willing to reveal exactly what they’ve got planned. Kenton admits to Jill that his efforts actually aren’t going well. Jill suggests he gets help from Lynda; she’ already suggested to David he does the same. Kenton’s not keen. Later, David and Kenton meet after respectively getting feedback from Lynda Snell and Bert Fry. They struggle to work together and then admit, with some help from Jill, that neither of them have written anything of significance. Jill asks if she could do the introduction instead, and her relieved sons think her suggestion is perfect. The job is hers.
  • 20/10/2021
    Martyn Gibson praises Blake for his work at Berrow Farm and then swiftly introduces Blake to a reporter from The Borchester Echo. Blake gets stressed by the reporter’s questions. Jazzer walks in on the interview and quickly sees off the reporter when he spots how uncomfortable Blake is. Jazzer apologises to Blake and then accuses Martyn of using Blake to make himself look good. This further stresses Blake. Jazzer tries to comfort Blake, but Blake’s lost his trust in him. Blake clings to his belief that Philip and Gavin are good people. They protected him and he’s determined to get them out of prison. Kenton’s attempts to write down what he’ll say as joint compere at the Harvest Supper isn’t going well but it’s got to be done if he’s to share the stage with David. Kenton panics when Shula tells him Justin and Lilian are considering investing in the Stables. What will it mean for Lilian’s investment in The Bull? Shula tells him not to worry, The Bull means too much to Lilian to give up on it. Later, Lilian outlines Justin’s ideas for the Stables if they were to invest. It’s completely against the ethos that Shula wants to preserve. Lilian agrees, and tells Shula to come up with her own watertight plan to modernise the Stables’ business. Lilian will then do the convincing when it comes to Justin.
  • 19/10/2021
    Tony’s surprised to see Adam in the Bridge Farm Shop. Adam explains he’s resigned from his job – though he’s hasn’t told Jennifer yet. When Tony shares that Bridge Farm is short of labour, Adam offers to help. This surprises Tony – it’s menial and not highly paid. But Adam is definite; he’ll start tomorrow. Shula challenges Lilian about Justin’s intentions with the Stables. He’s been snooping round and taking photos. Lilian explains Justin seems to have had a change of heart since initially dismissing the idea of investing in The Stables. Shula is wary and says she’ll go it alone after all. Lilian tries to reassure Shula that she won’t let Justin re-model the Stables and pleads for her to hang on until she’s heard exactly what Justin has in mind. Jazzer shows Blake round Berrow then sets him to work strimming the verges. Blake is mortified when he accidentally cuts an electric fence wire with the strimmer. Jazzer tells him not to worry and together they fix the problem. But Blake can’t let go of the fact that he’s done wrong and expects punishment. He recalls an unsettling memory from when he was enslaved. Jazzer listens compassionately and assures him he’s safe now. He adds that the people at Berrow Farm can be trusted and that Blake deserves a fresh start.
  • 18/10/2021
    Stressed Tom relays his worries about the lack of picking labour to Tony. They’ve promised Bridge Fresh customers seasonal fruit and veg this autumn, and they have to get on with the harvest. Tony offers to help though it’s not enough to fully meet the shortfall. Later, Tom’s stress levels rise further when he has to stop apple picking to sort a problem with the Bridge Fresh platform. Then it starts to rain and all picking is halted. Tony remains calm but Tom warns they’re rapidly running out of time to get the crop in. Ruth shows Stella round Brookfield and then they clarify where Brookfield sheep will graze at Home Farm so there’s no more miscommunications in future. Over cups of tea they get on well, and Ruth invites Stella to the Harvest Supper. It’s a great way to get to know more people in Ambridge. Adam’s walked out of his new job at Danforth Barton Farm and heads straight to Grey Gables to tell Ian. Christian had ordered Adam to fire a labourer and Adam had refused. He’s worried how Ian will react but Ian’s understanding; he recounts his own experience with a nightmare boss. Later they talk it over. Adam’s sorry for failing to provide. Ian reassures him. Adam’s keen to find other work fast – they need the money – though it won’t be easy with his short spell working for Christian and no hope of a reference from him.
  • 17/10/2021
    Lilian is thrilled that Shula’s open to the idea of her and Justin investing in The Stables and assures her the spirit of the place will be maintained as they make improvements. Shula asks if Justin feels the same and then twigs that Lilian hasn’t yet told him about it. The pair present the idea to Justin together. He instantly dismisses it and is rude about the Stables being small fry. After Shula leaves, Lilian is furious with Justin but he insists Shula gave a bad pitch. He’s clear that he’s not prepared to invest his money based purely on sentimentality, but then the cogs start to turn on how The Stables could be a viable investment. David and Kenton compare notes on the Harvest Supper. They’re both looking forward to it after last year’s was cancelled. Things are looking up after a difficult time for business at both the Bull and the Brookfield Barn. Jazzer joins them, pleased he’s convinced Blake to take up accommodation at The Elms, plus there’s some work lined up for him at Berrow Farm. David and Kenton run through the plans with Jazzer and realise they both have their sights set on being the compere. They bicker about who would do it best. Jazzer suggests a double act to which they agree. They know they won’t be able to prepare together but perhaps they could combine their individual routines. Game on, says David.

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