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  • 30/11/2022
    Chelsea has some unexpected company, and Stella is feeling crafty.
  • 29/11/2022
    Joy chivvies Mick along to tell Jolene he signed up for the wrong choir. Before Mick has a chance to speak, Jolene hands him a rehearsal schedule and asks if he’d be interested in a solo or a duet. Mick eventually explains he wants to be on the same choir as Joy. Jolene thinks the answer is simple; Joy can join her choir. Jolene tells Mick she’s counting on him – he’s not going to leave her in the lurch is he? Joy laughs at Mick’s predicament but then reassures him that it might be more fun that he’s expecting. Joy offers that they can practice their songs together after their respective rehearsals, which cheers Mick. Jovial Pip, David and Ruth decorate the events barn for Christmas. Their attention turns to their own Christmas festivities, and to Pip and Ruth’s surprise, David offers to make the Christmas dinner. After teasing him they acknowledge it’s a thoughtful gesture and all agree it will be weird to have Christmas without Jill. Pip and Ruth offer to help but David is determined to cook the dinner entirely unaided. Later, David discovers Jill has taken all her Christmas recipes with her while researching what to make for Christmas Day. Ruth updates David on the land sale – she hopes it should be complete by the end of next week. Ruth has also heard from Jolene that Jill has been regaling Lynda with tales of Brookfield Christmases past. David is keen to look forward rather than back – surely a happy family Christmas this year is achievable?
  • 28/11/2022
    Ben’s been called in for a one-to-one with his university tutor. She’s got some concerns, not only with the standard of his work but the fact that he’s not been his usual positive self. She wonders if she can help. Ben apologises and says he’s had some stuff on recently that’s been distracting but promises to improve. When she suggests the university counselling service and other support, Ben says he’s ok. The thing he was dealing with is done now. Pip tells Stella she’s worried about Ben, and that Ruth and David still aren’t talking to Jill. And she’s dreading picking up Rosie from school; she’ll find out her school Christmas Nativity part today and she desperately wants to be a sheep. Later Pip tells Stella that Rosie’s distraught – she’s got the part of a spider. When Stella suggests finding a way to show Rosie that the spider is the star of the show, Pip agrees but wonders how? Pip catches up with Rex, telling him Ben’s really stressed and hasn’t been out for ages. Rex suggests taking Ben fishing again and later drops in on Ben. But Ben says he’s got too much uni work to do. When Rex mentions Pip’s worried about him, Ben says he’s fine. Rex tests Ben on his coursework, but Ben’s really hard on himself. He worries he’ll be kicked off his course when it’s the one good thing in his life. He asks Rex to leave him to study. Rex says he’s there if Ben needs anything.
  • 27/11/2022
    Tracy discusses Christmas with Jazzer, Chelsea and Brad. She’s buying Christmas lunch bit by bit as she can’t afford a massive food shop. When talk turns to presents, Brad and Chelsea say they don’t want any. Jazzer points out that it’ll kill Tracy not to buy presents for them. But Chelsea’s adamant she doesn’t want Tracy running up debt. Later, Tracy tells Jazzer her children deserve a proper Christmas, but she can’t afford it. Jazzer comes up with the idea of blagging a totally free Christmas by signing up for free stuff online. He’s already entered a load of competitions. He thinks it might be fun and Tracy agrees he might be onto something. Tracy helps set up the Winter Warmer at the Bull. Kenton’s worried no-one will come, but later when lots of people arrive, including the Horrobin household, Kenton and Jolene agree that it’s been a great success. Kenton notices Jolene’s a bit down and she explains that when she took Jill Christmas shopping earlier, Jill took her to one side to say she hadn’t wanted Jolene there as she wanted to be alone with Leonard. Jill’s been feeling a bit smothered by Jolene. Joy chats to Mick about her first choir rehearsal with Fallon this week, suggesting Mick joins too. They head to the Winter Warmer where Jolene’s looking for choir members. Thinking she’s Fallon, Mick asks Jolene if he can join her choir, and she takes him on. But when he tells Joy, she points out he’s just joined a rival choir to hers.
  • 25/11/2022
    Jolene and Fallon are united on both the Tearoom and The Bull running Winter Warmer schemes – that way they can help more people who are struggling to afford heating. However, when mother and daughter talk about their respective choir plans, things don’t go so smoothly. Jolene takes against Fallon’s desire to attract younger people to her choir, it sounds ageist to her and she won’t stand aside or collaborate. It looks like Ambridge will get two choirs this Christmas. Alistair’s noticed Paul’s not his usual self. Paul admits that while he likes Ruairi he’s had to accept that nothing’s going to happen between them. Instead, Paul’s going to focus his efforts on getting to know more people in Ambridge. Paul suggests a work Christmas party. Alistair isn’t keen, but then becomes more enthusiastic when Paul mentions he’s confident his mum, Denise, would come along. David and Ruth discuss a serious cash offer for the land they are selling. They’ll have to turn down Home Farm’s offer, but they are both relieved that they’re getting closer to never having to deal with Vince again. The pair talk over Ruth’s row with Jill and Jill’s consequential departure from Brookfield. Recognising they have been distant from one another recently, they reconnect and share their feelings on the whole saga. They notice how quiet the farmhouse is now it’s just the two of them living there. They agree to go back to working as a team and David is hopeful they can all move on.

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