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Can He Do That?

Podcast Can He Do That?
Podcast Can He Do That?

Can He Do That?


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  • The Exit
    In the last episode of our series about President Biden and the War in Afghanistan, he takes the reins as commander-in-chief and withdraws U.S. forces. Ultimately, Biden rethinks his stance on military intervention and America’s role in the world.  Listen to Part One: The Senator and Part Two: The War.
  • The War
    In the second episode of our series about President Biden and the War in Afghanistan, we look at the years after the Sept. 11 attacks when Biden called for a major nation-building effort. Over time, though, he begins to doubt his own instincts.Related links: Part One: The Senator
  • The Senator
    On the 20th anniversary of the first U.S. strikes on Afghanistan, this three-part series explores President Biden's career as it intertwines with the war there. He ultimately chose to end the ‘forever war.’ But what role did he have in starting it? 
  • American democracy in ‘Peril’
    Journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa uncovered details about the tumultuous transition of power from President Trump to President Biden in their new book, "Peril." They reveal how close we came to constitutional and international crises. Top general was fearful Trump might spark war, new book saysThousands have been evacuated from Afghanistan. Where will they go?The presidential power to strike
  • Biden’s climate agenda is bold. Is it enough?
    In this episode, as President Biden address the U.N. for the first time since taking office, we revisit a conversation from August about the climate’s "unprecedented" state and Biden’s big goals toward repairing it. Can his agenda succeed?

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