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Podcast Relay FM - Canvas
Podcast Relay FM - Canvas

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  • 77: Future of iPad - Ecosystem
    In this, final, episode of Canvas, Fraser and Federico look into the future of the iPad ecosystem.
  • 76: Future of iPad - Automation
    Fraser and Federico open with an important announcement about the future of Canvas, then speculate on how iOS automation might move forward in the future.
  • 75: Future of iPad - The Cloud
    In this episode on the future of the iPad, Fraser and Federico take a look at cloud services - both Apple's and third parties.
  • 74: Future of iPad - Hardware
    In this post-event episode, Federico shares his impressions of the new 3rd generation iPad Pro and we look to the future of iPad hardware.
  • 73: Future of iPad - Software
    In this forward-looking episode, Federico and Fraser try to imagine what the future of the iPad might be, with particular consideration of the software it runs.

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