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  • MBW 863: Who Will Speak for the Shrubbery? - Wavelength, iOS 16.4, Apple Pay Later
    Daring Fireball: Wavelength. Apple releases iOS 16.4 with new emoji, Safari web push notifications, beta changes, voice isolation for calls and more. Mark Gurman on Twitter: "When Apple set out to develop iOS 17, the initial thinking was to call it a tuneup release..." Cabel Sasser's blog: "Apple passwords deserve an app". Tim Cook praises Apple's 'symbiotic' relationship with China. China urges Apple to strengthen data security. Apple Pay Later is finally launching. At Apple, rare dissent over a new product: Interactive Goggles. Apple is threatening to take action against staff who aren't coming into the office 3 days a week, report says. Apple acquired a startup using AI to compress videos. Apple to spend $1 billion annually on movies, aiming for major theatrical releases. Picks of the Week  Jason's Pick: Whisper Transcription by Jordi Bruin Alex's Pick: Sony FX30 Andy's Pick: COB Mini LED light Leo's Pick: Infinite Mac Hosts: Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, Andy Ihnatko, and Jason Snell Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at
  • MBW 862: AI Steve Jobs - Carrot Weather, iPhone USB-C, Rival Apple App Store
    Inside Apple's companywide cost-cutting push to avoid layoffs. Carrot Weather gets snarky ChatGPT update. How Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant lost the A.I. race. Kremlin tells officials to stop using iPhones. This is crazy and absolutely surreal! I trained an AI on Steve Jobs' voice... Original iPhone sells for over $50,000 in recent auction. European Union hurts Apple again – cannot limit USB Type-C charging speed. Half-Life 2 Source Engine running natively on Apple Silicon. Apple seeks India labor reform in push to diversify beyond China. Microsoft plans mobile games app store to rival Apple and Google. Picks of the Week Doc's Pick: 2023 Universal Smartphone Content Creators Rig Leo's Pick: Polarsteps Andy's Pick: Infuse Video Player Jason's Pick: Camo Studio 2 Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, and Jason Snell Guest: Doc Rock Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at Sponsor:
  • MBW 861: The Number Before Two - Apple Music Classical, Apple AR Headset, Sosumi
    Apple Music Classical app launching March 28. Tim Cook bets on Apple's mixed-reality headset to secure his legacy. To ship or not to ship, headset edition. First real-world look at Apple Mixed-Reality Headset parts seemingly shown in leaked images. Apple shareholders approve 40% pay cut for CEO Tim Cook at annual meeting. Why are so many Apple executives leaving? Who are successors at Apple? You can buy your next iPhone from Apple over a video call. Apple could reportedly release a HomePod with a display. Report: Apple to 're-examine' AI development. Apple TV+ wins Academy Award for best animated short film The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. Story of Sosumi & the Mac startup sound. Picks of the Week Jason's Pick: Marvel Snap Andy's Picks: Swish & Rectangle Zac's Picks: The Cure Tour, Fleishman Is In Trouble, Tiny Crossword+, and 9to5 Mac Happy Hour Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, and Jason Snell Guest: Zac Hall Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at Sponsors:
  • MBW 860: It Works In My Head - Yellow iPhone's, Outlook for Mac, M3 Mac's
    Apple releases new watch bands! So your new yellow iPhone won't clash! Hello, yellow! Apple introduces new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. Redesigned Outlook for Mac no longer requires Microsoft 365, rebuilt and optimized for Apple Silicon. Cabel Sasser: "A short story. We once submitted Untitled Good Game to the Mac App Store." First look at Google Chrome's Blink engine running on an iPhone. EU holds "stakeholder workshop" on compliance with new DMA standards; Spotify calls for two key changes in how Apple runs the App Store. Sonos speakers will support Apple Music spatial audio starting March 28th. When is Apple releasing new Mac Pro, 15-inch MacBook Air, New iMac, M3? Apple may kick off M3 launch with 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air by WWDC, OLED iPad with M3 coming next year. Rumors clash over new MacBook Air release date. Apple releases 600 MB beta firmware update for Apple Studio Display. Someone turned the iPhone alarm into a beautiful piano score and you need to hear it. Picks of the Week Leo's Pick: T-Mobile offers customers a year of MLS on AppleTV+ Jason's Pick: Zones - Time Zone Conversion Andy's Pick: Playdate March Updates! Alex's Pick: Izotope Hosts: Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, Andy Ihnatko, and Jason Snell Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at Sponsor: GO.ACILEARNING.COM/TWIT
  • MBW 859: Slip Into The Warm Apple Bath - Marco Arment, iPhone SE, Ads on TV Plus
    Steve Jobs Archive shares a special photo memory of the late Apple co-founder with the Mac in 1984. Apple has procured TSMC's entire first run of 3nm chips. Apple suppliers leaving China. New iPhone SE with 6.1-inch OLED display and Apple's 5G chip planned. Chrome tweaked to improve memory use & battery life on MacBook. Apple's noninvasive blood glucose technology for future Apple Watch reaches 'proof-of concept' stage. Schools are banning Apple Watches. A woman who got locked out of her Apple account minutes after her iPhone was stolen and had $10,000 taken from her bank account says Apple was 'not helpful at all'. Apple: massive decline in net cash. Apple takes another step towards ads on TV Plus. Picks of the Week Andy's Pick: PICO-8 Fantasy Console Alex's Pick: Scenario Hosts: Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, and Andy Ihnatko Guest: Marco Arment Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at Sponsor:

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