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  • JB2: 2022 Giro D'Italia Mid Week 3 Recap
    JB and Johan take a look at stages 16-18 of the 2022 Giro D’Italia. Have we found our top 3 mid-way through the last week? It’s still uncertain what order they may finish which could come down to the final TT. Also, Johan explains why a breakaway putting in more time is not necessarily a good thing, and might a couple of teams be in trouble of losing their world tour status before the season wraps?
  • The Move: 2022 Giro D'Italia Week 2 Recap
    Lance, Johan, George, and JB take a look at the second week of the Giro D’Italia with a historic moment, a sprinter's 3rd win and 7 riders within 2 min of the Maglia Rosa. We have an idea of who will be on the podium at the finish but the order is hard to predict.
  • JB2: 2022 Giro D'Italia Week 2 Recap Stages 10-15
    JB and Johan take a look back at the 2nd week of the 2022 Giro D’Italia. This week kicked off with a historic win of rising talent, Biniam Girmay, only to end with an abandon following a champagne cork incident. Arnaud Démare is a nearly untouchable sprinter in this Giro with his third victory. Johan lets us know who he thinks will be on the podium for GC at the end of the Giro, one of those names wasn’t included in the conversation prior to the start of this Giro. Johan explains why. 
  • The Move: 2022 Giro D'Italia Week 1 Recap
    Lance, Johan, and JB reflect on the first 9 stages of the 2022 Giro D’Italia. Names come to mind for the overall that were not heavily considered before the start of the tour. The sprinter conversation is equally as interesting as the General Classification. With all the talk the last few years about the young guys changing the game, it turns out endurance and experience can prevail with a few seasoned veterans.
  • JB2: 2022 Giro D'Italia Recap Stages 5-9
    JB and Johan take a look back on stages 5-9 of the Giro D’Italia. We saw a sprinter with back-to-back wins in Arnaud Démare, Jumbo Visa a nice with Koen Bouwman assisted by Tom Dumoulin, Thomas De Gendt doing what he does best and the GC picture takes shape atop the Blockhaus.

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