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Transformation Church

Transformation Church

Podcast Transformation Church
Podcast Transformation Church

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  • Cuffed To Comparison // Cuffing Season (Part 4) // Michael Todd
    Comparison is a normal, human occurrence. It’s hard not to notice when someone has a nicer car than you, a bigger house than you, or seems more successful than you. We have all fallen into that temptation. But we can’t let comparison trap us. When it does, we begin to live outside of our calling and the life God has for us. In week 4 of our series Cuffing Season, Pastor Mike warns us about the dangers of comparison and teaches us how to kill it in our lives. If you know someone who needs this message, share the link with them!#CuffingSeason #comparison #comparing #prodigalson
  • Cuffed to Convenience // Cuffing Season (Part 3) // Michael Todd
    In week three of Cuffing Season, we learn that this is a series of alignment. If you want what God has aligned for you, you may have to give up convenience. This week, Pastor Mike brings a life changing message on how catering to convenience has consequences, so we have to live comfortably uncomfortable in Christ. Make sure you share this message with someone this week!#CuffingSeason #CuffedtoConvenience
  • Cuffed To Comfort // Cuffing Season (Part 2) // Michael Todd
    Deliverance is God’s desire for our lives, but it has to be our decision. He won’t make us choose to follow His calling. Do you want what God has for you? You may have to get uncomfortable. This week, Pastor Mike brought an incredible message on how we must leave our comforts and conveniences behind to get God’s best. Make sure you share this message with someone today!#CuffingSeason #CuffedToComfort #David #Comfort
  • The Things You Love That Don’t Love You Back // Cuffing Season (Part 1) // Michael Todd
    In week one of our new series, Cuffing Season, Pastor Mike asks us “what are you cuffed to?” We’ve all tried to love things that don’t love us back. In this series, God is going to expose what we are cuffed to knowingly or unknowingly, and show us how we can be cuffed to Christ! Check out this message and share it with a friend!#CuffingSeason #Samson #ThingsYouLove
  • Here To Remind You // Where Are Your Scars? // Mike Jr.
    God won’t look us over for medals, degrees, or diplomas. He’ll look for our scars. Scars are proof that we were faithful in the good and bad times. This week, guest speaker Pastor Mike Jr., lead pastor of Rock City Birmingham, shared a powerful message with us about finding purpose in God, even in pain. Check out this message and share it with a friend!#HereToRemindYou #Scars #MikeJr #RockCityChurch

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