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  • 378: It’s a Hap-Hap-Happy Day
    Andy is tired of diehards, and Flo is taking a break from the Apple Watch. We get into what's coming from Google, including the newly announced Chromecast with Google TTV (HD). Plus, Framework is making a modular Chromebook, Google Arts & Culture dropped a cool game, and we're _loling_ over LOLNeRF.
  • 377: Macroeconomics
    Flo is back! And Andy brought a cake! It's the best way to start a podcast between two friends who have missed one another. Flo and Andy discuss the new iPhone 14 Pro and why it's compelling. They also strategize what Google needs to do to make the Pixel 7 a hit. Then, a bit of an update on all the goings-on internally at Google. Last week, Sundar Pichai was at the Code Conference talking about cutting down the Alphabet workforce. It's a bit worrying after the news that Google shut down the next Pixelbook project, along with a chunk of Area 150.
  • 376: Hootenanny and a Half
    Flo will be back next week, so enjoy this week's last Andy solo show for a while. It was Apple event week, so there was lots of Apple vs. Google talk. Andy walks through some of the iPhone 14/14 Pro and Apple Watch's new features and where Android could do better. And then, a call out to Tim Cook, who would rather have you buy your mom an iPhone than open up iMessage to Android users. Le sigh!
  • 375: A Forgotten Psychological Disorder
    It's another Andy solo show this week because Flo got the stupid virus. Always in solidarity, Andy spends the first part of this week's podcast reminding you why you should wear that mask. Then, Andy gets into the Google news of the week, including new widgets and rumors sprouting up on what Android 14 could feature. And on the search engine side, Andy explains how the company is gearing up for this year's U.S. midterm elections.
  • 374: Tough Stuff
    Sometimes, things are tough, which is what this week's episode is about: tough stuff. Flo tells the story of why it was challenging to write her Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review, and Andy lifts our spirits with his proposed plans for Halloween. Then, we walk you through this week's biggest _non_ technical headlines. **Content warning for talk of COVID and CSAM.**

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