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Podcast Relay FM - Cortex
Podcast Relay FM - Cortex

Relay FM - Cortex


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  • 137: A Barometer of Twitter
    Grey is focusing on health, Myke has left Twitter, and they've both used ChatGPT.
  • 136: 2023 Yearly Themes
    Grey had an unexpected year, Myke has been making progress, and they both share their Yearly Themes for 2023.
  • 135: State of the Apps 2023
    Grey is going deep on Focus Modes, Myke will not switch, and they both share the apps and services they have been using most over the past year.
  • 134: AI Art Will Make Marionettes Of Us All Before It Destroys The World
    Grey has seen some things he wished he hadn't, Myke tries to work out his alignment, and they both have a lot more to say on AI Art.
  • 133: The Ethics of AI Art
    Grey explores collaboration again, Myke is getting ready for the Podcastathon. and they both discuss the ethics of AI art.

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