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  • #2313: Johnny Rocket
    John from Pennsylvania thinks he has an atypical warranty issue with his local Chevy dealer. If he explains to the dealer that his new Corvette exhibits engine problems at 140 miles per hour, he's pretty sure that the dealer will then explain to John that he has voided his warranty. John is clearly nuts for driving at mach one, but is he right about his warranty? Find out on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.
  • #2312: Mystery Solved
    The Lost City of Atlantis... Amelia Earhart... Who's buried in Grant's Tomb... All of these age-old mysteries pale in comparison to finding out which of the Brothers Magliozzi is 'Click' and which is 'Clack'. Austin Matlow writes to try and set the record straight on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.
  • #2311: Going Downhill Fast
    Al thought it would be fun to pile his family in their Ford Van and Drive to the Rockies for vacation. And it was fun -until the Van's brakes stopped working on the way down at 12,000 feet. Did Al coast all the way home to Louisiana or did he come up with a fix 'on the fly'? Find out on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.
  • #2310: Patty Settles the Bet
    A few shows back we got a call from Patty in nearby Somerville, MA who wondered whether her mother should be driving an old Toyota from Texas up to see her. Our knuckleheads couldn't agree and instead decided to make a bet: if she makes it, Ray has to replace the '65 Rambler of Tommy's that he sent to the crusher years ago. Will she or won't she? Find out on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.

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