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The Debaters

Podcast The Debaters
Podcast The Debaters

The Debaters


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  • 1703: Joni Mitchell vs. Bob Dylan & UFOs
    Peter Brown and Dean Jenkinson refuse to be in harmony over whether Joni Mitchell is superior to Bob Dylan. Then, it’s Matt O’Brien and Nour Hadidi in an out-of-this-world debate on UFOs!
  • 1702: Purses & Cryptocurrency
    Derek Seguin and DeAnne Smith are truly Prada themselves in their debate on whether everyone should own a purse. Then, you'll definitely want to invest in John Hastings and Joe Vu's take on cryptocurrency!
  • 1701: Free Dental Care & Twins
    The Debaters are all smiles for the premiere of their 17th season! First, sink your teeth into Charlie Demers and Deborah Kimmett’s debate on free dental care. Then, you’ll be seeing double when Graham Clark debates twin brothers Dylan and Dusty Williamson on whether everyone wins with twins!
  • 1633: Zed vs. Zee & Cool Moms
    For The Debaters’ season finale, Lara Rae and DeAnne Smith letter rip over the best way to pronounce the letter Z. Then, Lori Gibbs and Bree Parsons deliver a motherlode of jokes on having a cool mom.
  • 1632: Adults Skateboarding & Share Your Culture
    Comedy couple Tim Gray and Dana Smith take things wheelie seriously when they question if adults should skateboard. Then, Don Kelly and Chad Anderson are tra-dition out the facts and funny on the topic of sharing your culture.

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