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Dream Big Podcast

Dream Big Podcast

Podcast Dream Big Podcast
Podcast Dream Big Podcast

Dream Big Podcast


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  • DB 273: Life Lessons Learned From Bows & Arrows!
    This summer Eva was fortunate enough to go to a sleepaway camp for a few weeks.  When she sent us letters in the mail, she would sometimes include a playing card that she had shot with an arrow during Archery, which turned out to be her favorite activity at camp!  In fact, Eva loved archery so much that her #1 request for the upcoming Holiday season is her own set of bow and arrows.  In discussing with Eva why she loves archery so much, we realized that there are many important life lessons that you learn from archery that apply equally to when you pursue your big dreams.  Hint: Eva shares the top lessons she has learned from archery in this episode!  For our show notes, visit
  • DB 272: How To Find Happiness!
    You may not know the name but Bobby Hall, but if you have followed the music scene for the past decade you likely know of the multi-platinum recording artist known as Logic. Logic is Bobby Hall (or I guess Bobby Hall is Logic depending on how you look at it!). Logic has a new book out called the Bright Future which is a memoir of his journey from a horrifically abusive childhood to becoming one of the most accomplished and respected musical artists of his generation.  Logic has been out promoting his memoir and in a recent interview, he was asked about how to find happiness.  Logic grew up in very difficult circumstances with an alcoholic mother and an absent father who was addicted to crack cocaine.  It was a struggle to survive yet alone become successful.  In this episode, Eva shares Logic’s enlightening answer on how  he found happiness.  Hint: He didn’t find happiness by becoming rich or famous.  It is an important lesson for all the young Big Dreamers who are constantly bombarded with messages about how money and fame is all what matters.    For our show notes, visit
  • DB 271: "Want to" Goals Versus "Have to" Goals? (the difference is HUGE!)
    Dr. Susan David, the bestselling author of Emotional Agility, has identified a powerful difference between “Have to” Goals and “Want to” Goals.   Eva shares that difference in this episode, and offers some examples of “Want to” and “Have to” Goals in her own life.  This includes the recent experience of hatching baby quail from an incubator (definitely a “Want to” goal).  But more importantly, Eva shares how she was able to apply Dr. Susan’s advice to convert studying for math, which she always thought of as a “Have to” task, into a “Want to” task by connecting math with her love of farm animals.  Eva also challenges all Big Dreamers to identify a “Have to” goal in your life, and reframe it as a “Want to” goal using the strategy that she shares in this powerful episode.  A huge thank you to Dr. Susan David for outlining this important distinction.   For our show notes, visit
  • DB 270: Never, Ever Give Up On Your Big Dream!
    Michaela DePrince was born in the midst of a horrific civil war in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Her father was killed by rebels, and shortly after her father’s death, her mother died of fever and starvation.  As if life was not already difficult enough, Michaela has a skin condition which causes patches of her skin to lose its color.  In her village, this was considered the curse of the devil and she was abandoned by her uncle and lived in an orphanage where she was the least favorite child out of 27 kids -- which meant she was the last to eat at every meal.  Fast forward to today, and Michaela is a professional ballerina, competed on Dancing With The Stars, performed in Madonna and Beyonce music videos, and spoke alongside Barack Obama at a leadership conference.  In this episode, Eva shares how this remarkable lady was able to overcome the living nightmare that was her early childhood and fulfill her dream of being a professional ballerina.  Michaela’s story is a powerful reminder that circumstances outside of your control do not define you and to never, ever give up on your dreams.  For our show notes, visit
  • DB 269: Don't Be Patient (With Your Big Dreams!)
    We’ve told our kids on numerous occasions to “Be Patient. Things Take Time.” or even the good ol’ phrase “Patience is a Virtue.”   But we recently stumbled across a quote from the great Tom Bilyeu that challenged our views on patience, especially when it comes to teaching our kids about how to accomplish their Big Dreams.  Tom shared: “Stop being patient and start asking yourself, how do I accomplish my 10 year plan in 6 months?  You’ll probably fail but you’ll be a lot further along than the person who simply accepted it was going to take 10 years.”  In this episode, Eva unpacks Tom’s quote and shares why it is so important to not only Dream Big but also to take massive action.  While Tom’s quote may be controversial, we believe it is an important reminder that Big Dreamers can not wait for their big dreams to unfold but instead must charge towards their dreams.   For our show notes, visit

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