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Watch What Crappens

Watch What Crappens

Podcast Watch What Crappens
Podcast Watch What Crappens

Watch What Crappens


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  • #1603 BelowDeckMed: Failing to Meet Eggs-pectations
    As the Below Deck Med season limps to the finish line, Matthew gets on our every last nerve with his incessant emotional neediness. Meanwhile, Katie's boneheaded decision to end the season with two stews comes back to haunt her as Jemele Hill, Michael Eaves, and several other guests make an endless stream of requests.
  • #1602 RHOSLC: No Longer on the Outs
    It's an hour of healing on this week's Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. First, Jen and Brooks bury the hatchet as Jen apologizes to Brooks for not interpreting her comments correctly. Then later, Lisa and Whitney broker a truce over gin and pie. We're just glad no one was ejected from a sunroof and sent tumbling down into a neighborhood.This recap is available to watch on video with Crappens on Demand. Check it out here:
  • #1601 RHOP: Salad as a Rock
    This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac, the women deal with the fallout of Saladgate 2021. It's a slut-shaming, lettuce-tossing, tea-bagging hour of drama and comedy. Damn, this show is great.
  • Bonus Ep! Talking Bravo Crimes with Sinisterhood
    This week we teamed up with true crime podcast Sinisterhood to talk about Bravo crimes — new and forgotten — over the past several years.  What is your favorite Bravo crime?  And which one do you think needs more attention?This episode was originally released as a bonus ep on Patreon, but we decided we'd put it on our main feed too!  Enjoy!
  • #1600 RHOBH: New Year's Irresolution
    The most buzzworthy season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in ages came to a conclusion this week as the women join Crystal to celebrate Chinese New Year's. It's not the most exciting episode, despite Kyle's best efforts to destroy Sutton and Erika's relationship. What did you think of the finale?**Watch the recap with Crappens on Demand here:

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