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The Rod And Cyndee Spiritual Podcast

The Rod And Cyndee Spiritual Podcast

Podcast The Rod And Cyndee Spiritual Podcast
Podcast The Rod And Cyndee Spiritual Podcast

The Rod And Cyndee Spiritual Podcast


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  • Danny, Andrea and I talk about people just disappearing parallel universe.
    We talked about Skinwalker Ranch.  The envelope effect..  Mass awakening.  Scratch and Sniff world..  Beware of the fact lightworkers? Can we just stay in our own lane..  Labels??  Meet Danny and Andrea..   
  • Andrea and I Talk about Grabovoi numbers
    GRABOVOI GRIGORI THE LIFE Grigori Grabovoi (Kazakhstan, 14.11.1963) is a Russian scientist and clairvoyant, doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, doctor of technical sciences, academic, engaged during his career in various government programs especially in the field of space technology . The extraordinary gifts Since the age of 5, Grabovoi has revealed an out of the ordinary intelligence, as well as natural gifts of clairvoyance and remote vision that have also favored him in his work as a researcher, showing him "the solution even before the problem". Emblematic is the cases in which he managed to remotely identify anomalies or technical defects in the engines of nuclear and space equipment, remotely resolving failures and averting serious disasters. Hundreds of people also claim, with authenticated testimonies, that they have received precise remote diagnoses from Grabovoi , as well as healing from very serious terminal diseases, such as cancer and AIDS. But there is also news of numerous cases of total reconstitution of organs already surgically removed and even of real post mortem resurrections.
  • Rod and Emil talk about magic
    Rod Talks about Grabovoi numbers 520 741 8 Rod and Emil talk about magic and what it means to them. We would love to answer questions from our listeners.  We add labels for everything..  Magic and hands-on healing..  
  • The Bad Boys of Spirtuality
    Some life hacks on how to cope with Anxiety.  Tools and practical application to help with your anxiety.. Are you super sensitive?  Rod and Emil talk about there up coming event.  Biweekly podcasts.  Rod will tune into you using a wonderful therapy Called Dimensional Reconnection Therapy. DRT is interdimensional healing. Using a very special way of testing Rod can pinpoint what areas of your interdimensional being needs more or less energy. Which will correlate directly to your psychical body and the Chakras. Because we know there is multiple dimensions he will use a source code to reconnect to that dimension. Once the reconnection is complete the self healing will begin.   Emil will tune into your energy fields to help determine the vitality and functionality of your HORMONES and your THYROID GLAND. He will also perform his unique AK (applied kinesiology) techniques to personally check your hormones, thyroid, and iodine levels energetically, live on this special Zoom event. PLUS, he will offer suggestions on how to bring them back to balance, naturally. All this, to help you restore the energy, vitality, metabolism, and weight balance you were born to achieve! These Two Wise Men will be delivering insightful and meaningful messages to help you open up and receive authentic healing, and help you feel better NOW! This is a live Zoom healing event like none other… and it could change your life forever! Readings and healings are not guaranteed, but Rod and Emil are determined to deliver these healing messages to everyone in attendance.
  • Rod reads reiki basics ebook
    Looked upon as a mysterious practice, reiki originated from Japan, around 1922. Started by a Japanese Buddhist, this practice of purported healing basically uses the palm of an individual to emit positive healing energy unto the patient. Sometimes reiki is referred to as oriental style treatment by professional medical bodies. Simply put, reiki is a form of healing using the holistic concept without the use of medications of any sort. The reiki practitioner typically places his or her hands over the individual needing the healing. The belief is that the positive energy is then drawn by the recipient to enhance the natural healing processes. There are even some seemingly bizarre claims that the healing energy is self seeking and can “zero” in on the injury to commence the healing process. Learn Reiki from Rod..

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