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The Rod And Cyndee Spiritual Podcast

The Rod And Cyndee Spiritual Podcast

Podcast The Rod And Cyndee Spiritual Podcast
Podcast The Rod And Cyndee Spiritual Podcast

The Rod And Cyndee Spiritual Podcast


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  • Empath story of the Elephant and Fly
    Rod talks about being an empath and a little story of how an elephant can stay so calm. Enjoy the story and have an amazing day.  “On one beautiful day, an elephant was standing by the shade of a tree, eating its leaves. Suddenly, a small fly came buzzing and landed on the elephant’s ear. The elephant stayed calm and continued to eat, not heeding the fly.”
  • Moms Funeral
    My Mom died on Good Friday. I was wondering if she was going to rise again on the 3rd day..  Mom had a near-death experience. Before I got there.. I talk about how my Mom was in my life.  My Mother knew me pretty well.   
  • Cyndee Mubi talks to Rod about Mary Magdalene
    Rod talks with Cyndee about her Mary Magdalene Circle.    Come join Cyndee in this Mary Magdalene circle. This is a donation-only event.. All are welcome. Come prepared for: Talking Meditation Sharing Raising the vibration of Love and Compassion Maybe a dancing Consider this a healing circle of love. Cyndee Mubi is a high vibrational Color Therapist. Venmo Cyndee @Cynthia-Mubi Text: 602 513 6973 for more info
  • Rod and Michael Malasnik or (Mystic Mike) talk about there new mystery school
    Rod and Mike talk about Our new Mystery School..  A little bit about, Michael Malasnik I must have been a strange kid growing up, because I always felt that something was just not right about "this place".  ​I was raised in the Lutheran church by my mother, and my father was agnostic but had a strong penchant for quotes, sayings and philosophy.  I remember going to Sunday school and thinking ~ If the Christians are right, then the Jews must be wrong. And if the Jews are right, then the Muslims must be wrong. And if the Muslims are right, then the Buddhists, Krishnas and Hindus must be way out there... ​Then it came to me ~ Whatever it is,  there can only be one truth. And that all the religions must be leading us to the same place. They just use different ways and means to achieve it.  At the age of 12 fate placed a book on numerology in my hands, and my life long journey to Seek the Truth began... I just loved the hidden and esoteric stuff. But why was it hidden?
  • Danny, Andrea and I talk about people just disappearing parallel universe.
    We talked about Skinwalker Ranch.  The envelope effect..  Mass awakening.  Scratch and Sniff world..  Beware of the fact lightworkers? Can we just stay in our own lane..  Labels??  Meet Danny and Andrea..   

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The Rod And Cyndee Spiritual Podcast

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