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TBTL - Too Beautiful To Live

TBTL - Too Beautiful To Live

Podcast TBTL - Too Beautiful To Live
Podcast TBTL - Too Beautiful To Live

TBTL - Too Beautiful To Live


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  • #3603 Bad Tim-ing
    Luke and Andrew pay tribute to the late Louie Anderson and listen back to his greatest gambling story. Plus, the news anchor who showed little empathy when his colleague was hit by a car on live TV is trying to convince the world that he is a human with real feelings. Luke and Andrew travel back in TBTL history to find out if Luke displayed any empathy when Andrew was once injured on the job.
  • #3602 Dick Clarks Ask The Darndest Things
    Luke and Andrew give Genevieve a call so she can describe the TERRIBLE movie trailer she saw this weekend (Sorry, Owen Wilson.) Plus, Luke is delighted by  a couple of pieces of audio he stumbled on recently, including sound of a reporter who got hit by a car live on TV. And Andrew comes up with a great new catch phrase…but then forgets it immediately :(
  • #3601 The M Is For Micro, The S Is For Soft
    Luke has a big tattoo decision to make, and he’s only got 3 hours to figure it out. Plus, Andrew’s been watching some weird stuff with his new screen projector. And a listener has some powerful new intel on a theater promotional tool from 2003 that has loomed large in Andrew’s relationship.
  • #3600 You Can Say Everything Anymore!
    Luke and Andrew have about 40 minutes worth of observations and questions about the “Comedy” section of Cameo. They also discuss the story of a couple vandals who ended up getting caught because they didn’t tip a bartender. 
  • #3599 Wrong Like Bull
    Luke and Andrew embarrass themselves by trying to answer the Jeopardy! questions that the show’s current champion got wrong. They also finally find their niche in the vast world of podcasting.

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