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My Brother, My Brother And Me

My Brother, My Brother And Me

Podcast My Brother, My Brother And Me
Podcast My Brother, My Brother And Me

My Brother, My Brother And Me


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  • MBMBaM 637: Face 2 Face: The Hairy Food that Everyone Eats
    Live from Detroit, MI, it’s our best show ever for no reason at all. Not trying to make up for anything that may or may not have happened 4 years ago in Detroit. Just pure excitement about bringing sophisticated fart jokes and horrible ways of eating fruit to the fine people of Detroit. Suggested talking points: Egg Pervert, Jpeg of a Fart, Scrape and Lick Method, Loaded Cyberfries, Luke spelled BRIANNA, Firefighter Fighter, Scootin' on my Block North American Indigenous Tribal Food Systems (NĀTIFS):
  • MBMBaM 636: Millie Vanilli Bobby Flay
    This episode IS for the cool babies! We've got some visual elements in this for the kids out there, including kid-friendly food challenges, cool toys like marbles and capos, and our popup kitchen, McElsnacks!Suggested talking points: Engagement Pasta, Mental Itzakadoozies, Satisfried, Italian Hephaestus, Draw from the Bag of Daves North American Indigenous Tribal Food Systems (NĀTIFS):
  • MBMBaM 635: Batman v Pennywise Dawn of Justice
    There are a LOT of evil clowns out there, but are any of them actually funny, like, on purpose? To answer that very important question we have on special guestpert Griffin Newman, aka Griffin Twoman.Suggested talking points: Birthday Sailabration, Dog God Mother, Jamiroquai Faith, Comedy Guy, Horngry, Worth Negative DollarsNorth American Indigenous Tribal Food Systems (NĀTIFS):
  • MBMBaM 634: Universally Unpleasant Gestures
    We're really elevating the brand, striving for a more grown-up adult vibe. So we're trying out some new mature segments, like Fitting in with the Dads, How to get the baby bookings, and  Justin McElroy's Munch My Stuff.Suggested talking points: Chili Splash Zone, Plenty-A-Centa, The Secret But for Bad, Keep Your Ribs, I'm More Delicata Squash than Man, The Biden-McElroy AgendaFair Elections Center:  
  • MBMBaM 633: And it Was Fingers
    Gather round the fire as the boys teach everyone how to make a scary Halloween special, full of ghosts, mummies, that one vampire (you know the one), and that creeping crawling feeling of shame. Suggested talking points: Mummy's Maze, Popular Dads, Now That's What Used to Be Called Music, The No-No Crypt, Shrimp Vortex, Land-Based Restaurant Business  Fair Elections Center:

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