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This Had Oscar Buzz

Podcast This Had Oscar Buzz
Podcast This Had Oscar Buzz

This Had Oscar Buzz


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  • 212 – The Bling Ring (with George Civeris)
    StaightioLab cohost and Gawker editor George Civeris returns to us this episode, and we’re going to Paris’. In 2013, Sofia Coppola delivered another tale of disaffected youth, this time ripped from gossip column headlines with The Bling Ring. With a post-Harry Potter Emma Watson at the center, the film follows several Los Angeles celeb-obsessed teens … Continue reading "212 – The Bling Ring (with George Civeris)"
  • Reunited at TIFF!
    It’s an annual tradition! Joe and Chris (reunited for the first time in years!) are reporting on the films of the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival, including this year’s (Not Grolsch) People’s Choice Award winner: Steven Spielberg’s The Fablemans. And we’ve got bets against each other gaining some heat! This episode, we unpack our feelings about some of … Continue reading "Reunited at TIFF!"
  • 211 – Mermaids
    We’ve got a personal favorite coming to you today starring one of our most beloved icons! After winning her Best Actress Oscar for Moonstruck, Cher then conquered the world with the album Heart of Stone, and didn’t return to the cinema until 1990′s Mermaids. With Cher as a mother of two rebuking societal expectations, the … Continue reading "211 – Mermaids"
  • 210 – 25th Hour
    We talk about a lot of films dealing with the social and political aftermath of 9/11 but few like this week’s episode: Spike Lee’s 25th Hour. Filmed in New York City in the months after and adapted by David Benioff from his own novel, the film captures that dysphoria while following a drug dealer played … Continue reading "210 – 25th Hour"
  • 209 – A Walk on the Moon (with Tara Ariano)
    This week, Tara Ariano returns to us to talk about a forgotten and quite lovely independent film from 1999, A Walk on the Moon. The first feature directed by actor Tony Goldwyn, the film stars Diane Lane as a late 1960s housewife who has a sexual awakening with a hippie blouse salesman (played by Viggo … Continue reading "209 – A Walk on the Moon (with Tara Ariano)"

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