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Halshack indie Rockcast

Halshack indie Rockcast

Podcast Halshack indie Rockcast
Podcast Halshack indie Rockcast

Halshack indie Rockcast


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  • Episode 1: Skate Shack- Halshack (special exclusive) Friction Skating Rink- Ep 1 (July 2022) rel Jan 2023
    Happy New year everybody! With a new year comes new dreams and aspirations and look no further for yours truly to set off a perfect "harmonic" storm for your winter (or music blues!! Friction Skating Rink in Lexington is the coolest place to be to catch new episodes of this exclusive series made specifically for the skating rink at Grand Opening to get their feet wet and mine too as we will be holding "Shack Hole" events at the Axe Hole connected next door to the skating rink! What a wild combination of skating and axe throwing in the same building...., its a good thing they aren't skating and throwing axes in At the Axe Hole you will find pool tables (Pool Tournaments on certain nights) Cornhole (official Cornhole league tournaments), Punching Machine, Bull Riding games plus much more! Beer, Wine and Sodas and Snacks. Full arcade fun next door at the Skating Rink! Bring the family or book your next event at the Axe Hole/Friction Skating in Lexington, NC!!Plans for a SHACK HOLE are in the works where we will have challenge games for prizes going all night and great party music to rock your night away while I blissfully host your party event! Be looking forward to the announcement!Shacknation 10 and Rap Shack 11 are still in the works for the fans and the artists involved! Ive been too busy with work and the holidays to focus on that! That's the next thing to tackle on my agenda! ASAP! For now enjoy this little tidbit from yours truly to tide you over. Great music for skating or a party in general or just take a drive and dive right in to the cherry picked sounds of the Halshack! Shacklist is on the flyer, it can also be found at my website everything Halshack at my website Find the show on all music servers including Itunes, Iheart Radio, Amazon Music plus many more!SPOTIFY PLAYLIST SERIES is here. Just search HALSHACK ROCKCAST to find many great compilations of our bands libraries from over the years! I'm working diligently to add many more as the months progress!See you folks soon!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
  • Episode 113: Halshack Ep 26.5 (Rap Shack 10)- Dec 2022 - bonus show (Seasons Greetings from the Halshack)
    Happy Holidays everyone!! No time for a proper bio right now. Heading out the door for family Christmas!!Find all things Halshack at my website or listen on Iheart Radio, Itunes and many more!Halshack.comHope you all have a wonderful holiday!
  • Episode 112: Halshack Ep 26.5 (Shack Country 4) Nov 2022 (bonus show, music only)
    Reverbnation Campaign #5- New country show on deck! Over 1800 submissions.  65 in total for all genres. Pulled out 15 (roughly) for this episode and ran with it. Happy Holidays folks! Ive been out on the ranch wrestling in some new music for you awesome "pardners" of the Halshack! Ive been working alot more recently and havnt had time to focus on my duties here at the music Well time to get creative and get my hands dirty with all these filthy good tunes and bands! There's bluegrass to country rock and everything in between to be found here at Halshack Acres! Acres of homegrown music and artists for you to feast your "ears of corn" on. Its a good time here in Shack Country!Come see why all the fuss and hoopla! Promise you will not want to leave our good country vibes and you will want to bask in the glory of the Shack Country sun!You can find our popular growing show all over the web including the show home website as well as ITUNES, IHEART RADIO, AMAZON MUSIC  and many more including the podcast host PODOMATIC!Thank you to everyone involved. Could not have a super quality show without the bands or the fans!!More to come soon! Shacknation 10 (ep 27 talk and music show) maybe a Shacknation 11 as well and Rap Shack 10 and 11 (One focusing on rap hip/hop and the other more R and B/pop)Have a great month folks! This is gonna be a busy one for us all! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
  • Episode 111: Halshack Ep 26.5 (Hallowshack 2) Oct 2022 (super special bonus)
    Well its been 4 years since the spooky dark stories made a full show. Its time again for another episode of your friendly monster tales of love, sadness, madness, regret, backstabbing, getting drunk, partying, getting the chills or lovin on sweet candy or just being intoxicated by LIFE!! All song titles have a reference to Halloween (not so much the subject matter but there are plenty of Twisted Games here to have fun are the tales of the Halshack! Hope you enjoy this good time on the house from yours truly. Not much of a bio here. I have a busy work day and heading to a best friends wedding for the night. Wanted to get this show before I do. I may come back with a better bio soon when I have time. Happy Halloween folks! Find the Halshack on all music servers like Itunes, Iheart Radio, or Amazon Music plus many more or the show HOME right here at PODOMATIC!!!! will be out when I have time to make
  • Episode 110: Halshack Ep 26.5 (Rap Shack 9) FIRE SHACK- Sept 2022 (Eminem/Swifty McVay with Disaster Theory) greatest hits bonus show
    You say its your birthday, well its my birthday too!! What a great present for this awesome day!! Disaster Theory with Eminem and Swifty McVay! Brand new rock/rap collab being presented FIRST by yours truly. Score another podcast exclusive for the team!! Thanks for all the love folks!! In this episode we will feature some of the brightest and best undiscovered rap hip-hop talent out there working today. This is a carefully planned curated playlist of my choosing with my "signature flow" all wrapped into a professional show with vocal Id tags from my partner Greg Goodell and vocal tags from some of the artists as well as feature artists from my partner Mike Hoffman with MLM Entertainment as we bring you Migs718 to open the "2 Door Coupe" of the show and Ladibree about halfway with her pounding rap beats in the night while shes rolling all in all black like "Bruce Wayne"!You will here Eminem open the show and excerpts in the show to build the anticipation for the track before you get to it.!! Its a cool AF rock/rap collab called OVERCOME! All about the adversity they have each faced as artists!! Swifty and Em are friends so this track came together nicely. Great job to Disaster Theory of Pittsburgh on this track. Produced well, played well and above all it sounds like a hit. Good guitar solo too! Nice skills on display all around!SUPER PROUD to have all you artists in this special show!! Thanks for being on my team! Onward and upward!!And a BIG shout out to SWIFTY MCVAY and EMINEM for helping out indie music and the community! We all got to stick together to make a difference and overcome the adversity we all face in life as well as the adversity for growing the indie music sphere. We've got a small voice in a very large "stadium". Let's hope this gets us all HEARD!!Halshack has been building a new music company for 10 years for FREE with the right kind of passion to take the HUGE task of what needs to be done to help music for the sake of ALL music lovers. 90s radio lovers UNITE!! I need HELP on a large scale from the right people to bring back a new (original) MTV style channel plus 90s 2000s radio and many more things I have situated in play at the moment. We could be an all in one music machine from a radio station to music blogs to video channel to podcast to record label and music licensing to so much more. We got the songs (over 1000 great tunes to potential super mega hits) and the artists (300). All we need now is the CAPTAIN to steer the ship!Have fun with this greatest hits of the Rap Shack series!! New Reverbnation Campaign shows coming soon! We have entered Campaign number 5!!Find all the great episodes at or just about any music service (Itunes, Iheart, Amazon Music etc...)HAVE A GREAT FALL!! See you soon for brand new ep 27 (talk show) where we will hear Disaster Theory new track again and a talk all about how this track and song came to be plus more new music!! See you then!!.....Halshack

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