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Halshack indie Rockcast

Halshack indie Rockcast

Podcast Halshack indie Rockcast
Podcast Halshack indie Rockcast

Halshack indie Rockcast


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  • Episode 1: Halshack SHACKSTARS series (FUTURE FRESH with UNDECIDED FUTURE) Aug 2021- (AMAZON MUSIC-ZENOFM) special edition bonus (Official release MAY 2022)
     Well folks I had 13 mins to use on Amazon or lose it! So I'm using it to my advantage! UNDECIDED FUTURE could well be on their way to a MAJOR career in the music industry!Halshack is in the process of helping the band achieve their goals on stage and behind the scenes. I have become an integral part of the camp as we look to push forward together!!There WAS a VERY REAL possibility that the band would have been on the AMERICAN SONG CONTEST on NBC Spring 2022! BUT they were taken off the show to work with DRE and SNOOP! So good they just bypassed the competition all together!! Their future is looking mighty FRESH indeed!So here's a 13 minute mash up for the guys that will surely please avid music lovers of all types. 1. Summa Time (intro) with voice clips and show tags2. Intoxicated 3. Bouncin'4. HMU aka Hit Me Up5. Look Up (outro) 
  • Episode 3: Halshack (SHACKTRACKS- Amazon-ZenoFM exclusive series with CAVO) Ep. 3 JAN 2021- bonus show (Podcast feed MAY 2022)
     EXCLUSIVE NEW SONG from "CAVO" (WORLD PREMIERE)! Frankie Muniz from FOX TV in the first song on drums with the band KINGSFOIL!!Ep 3 in my new eclectic AMAZON/ZENO FM exclusive series! Its all potential hits in their given genres and top quality tunes that you have come to love on my show!Well well, the band CAVO has come back to swell your ears with good vibes and rock bliss!!I'm so honored to have these rock heavyweights now on my team!!2021 is looking bright as we kick off the new year with some great tracks and a world premiere exclusive from famous St. Louis rock act CAVO!!Thanks so much to the label and their promoter for reaching out to HALSHACK for this momentous event  and more famous credit to add to the quality roster that is HALSHACK!Find everything Halshack atwww.halshack.comThanks so much folks!!  
  • Episode 103: Halshack ep 26.5 (Shacknation vol. 7) May 2022- Bonus show (featuring Nic Collins- son of Phil Collins)
    WAMPUS CAT has been POSTPONED till Fall due to rain coming all week and the weekend! We are very sorry to announce this unfortunate news. We hope to see you there at a later date. The concert WILL happen! This legendary CAT will be seen one day in Lee County!!We got a new date!! AUG 5-7th!! Be there!! Almost time for the WAMPUS CAT MUSIC FESTIVAL (5/13-5/15)  Thought I'd squeeze out the last REVERBNATION CAMPAIGN #3 show before we head to the fest!! Campaign #4 is on the way!! Starting very soon! In this show you will hear some diff styles and genres I don't normally touch on but every so often. Lots of cool blues and reggae in this one. Some of the best horn work Ive heard in my life is in ANOTHER NIGHT by Alexandrina. More new tracks from Eddie and Cassy London from the last episode.  This show has Nic Collins (Phil Collins son) as a drummer in a new band BETTER STRANGERS. Lots to hear and LOVE! Ill be on stage at the WAMPUS CAT in Sanford, NC!! See you there!Catch everything Halshack at www.halshack.com24 hour radio the show on IHEART, ITUNES, AMAZON MUSIC and many more!!
  • Episode 102: Halshack Ep 26 (Tales of the Wampus Cat) - APR 2022 - full show (Shacknation Vol 6)
     BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! Event has been postponed till Fall due to bad weather! We are very sorry for any problems this may have caused! We are heartbroken for Sanford and Lee County!!We got a new date!! AUG 5-7th!! Be there!! (line up may change somewhat due to schedules)LISTEN UP..... AMAZON MUSIC and IHEART RADIO and ITUNES and all HALSHACK channels!! WE GOT A HUGE FESTIVAL EVENT COMING!! Well Its Season 4 Ep 26 being released on April 26th (4-26) Hows that for the BEST unplanned timing!! I also fell into a HUGE festival event! Its the WAMPUS CAT MUSIC FEST coming to North Carolina! Many Halshack acts made the ticket including Seth and Sara, the City limit, Crashing Atlas, and Below 7. Catch them all plus 70 other acts including headliners LIT, EVERCLEAR and SISTER HAZEL! In this episode you will hear new acts from the latest Reverbnation Campaign #3 and the Halshack acts from the Wampus Cat that will be playing as well as 3 new acts I found that will be at the upcoming festival to include on my quality team. JR RICHARDS (from DISHWALLA) will be at the fest and hes in my show!! I'm stoked!!Iheart Radio will be there, Several radio stations will be there, I will be there presenting some of the bands on stage! Gonna be the biggest party NC has seen in years!!Get you half price tickets now (only 65 bucks parking included to go all weekend) Tix on sale through May 1st then back to full price after! 2 for the price of 1 tickets (GET THEM NOW)!! Tent and RV packages available as well! www.wampuscatmusicfestival.comStarts Fri May 13th, 2022 at 11am and ends Sun May 15th at 9pm! Gross Farms3345 Rosser Pittman RdBroadway, NC (just south of Sanford)SEE You there!! webwww.halshack.com24 hour radio
  • Episode 101: Halshack Ep 25.5 (RAP SHACK 7) Apr 2022- Bonus show (Reverb Campaign #3)- EXPLICIT CONTENT (Warning 18+)
    Its Reverb campaign number 3 and these raps are beast that most would agree! Almost 2000 submissions and these select few were chosen. Only the best beats and raps for the Halshack!All new artists with new tunes to the show. New styles this time around too. We got some jazz and alt pop infused hip hop!! Cutting edge music and genres are what my show has become famous for. We got a new Spotify playlist series coming called the FIRE SHACK featuring the best of the RAP SHACK series! Brand new ep 26 Shacknation vol 6 and 7 will be coming next!Be sure to catch me out "live" at the Wampus Cat Music Festival next month May 13-15th in Sanford NC! Over 70 acts!! All weekend festival. Tent and RV packages available!Ill be there on stage presenting 4 quality Halshack acts including Below 7 and Crashing Atlas!!Thanks for becoming a fan! Catch Halshack all over the web!!

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