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Comedy of the Week

Comedy of the Week

Podcast Comedy of the Week
Podcast Comedy of the Week

Comedy of the Week


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  • Hennikay
    Bill Bailey stars as Guy Starling, a middle aged man who, after 45 years, and for reasons quite unknown to him, is suddenly revisited by his imaginary childhood friend, Hennikay. After closing the biggest deal in the history of Maidstone, Guy’s boss decides to reward him with an adventure-based, corporate team-building day out, which has him running around the woods shooting paint pellets at middle managers. Not only does Guy have to deal with his scheming, back-stabbing co-workers, desperate to ruin his career and steal his glory, he also has to cope with Hennikay, his imaginary childhood friend who has turned back up in his life and is stubbornly refusing to leave, running riot in the woods with a paint gun. But as the paint splatters and the deals sour, Guy soon discovers that in the cut-throat world of grown-up business, the only person who he can trust is the 11-year-old boy he invented back in 1976. Acclaimed comedian (and Strictly Come Dancing champion) Bill Bailey leads a cast which includes Dave Lamb and Elizabeth Carling in this warm, funny look at childhood, adulthood and some of the follies of modern life - where a man with a confused child in his head might just be the sanest person in the room. Written by David Spicer Guy ..... Bill Bailey Tony ..... Dave Lamb Marika ..... Elizabeth Carling Kallie ..... Hollie Edwin Simon ..... Alistair McGowan Hennikay ..... Max Pattison Producer: Liz Anstee A CPL production for BBC Radio 4
  • Kat Sadler's Screen Time
    Kat Sadler’s Screen Time is a fun guide/cautionary tale of how young people today live their lives through their phones and social media. Kat (daily screen time 8hrs 49 mins) meets Abbie (daily screen time 1 hr 26 mins) and starts a relationship, but will their obsession with how the relationship comes across online lead to its downfall? Ensuring no listener is left behind by the indecipherable terminology and online etiquette of the under 30s, Kat is joined by extremely offline Alex MacQueen who will stop Kat and make her explain things like the ‘For You Page’ and ‘Soft Launching’. Cast Kat Sadler - Kat Alex MacQueen - Alex Abbie Weinstock - Abbie Emily Lloyd Saini - Various Jason Forbes - Various Written by Kat Sadler and Cameron Loxdale Script edited by Jon Hunter Produced by Gwyn Rhys Davies. A BBC Studios Production
  • ReincarNathan
    Nathan Blakely was a popstar. But he was useless, died, and was reincarnated. The comedy about Nathan’s adventures in the afterlife returns for a third series, starring Daniel Rigby, Ashley McGuire and guest-starring Mike Wozniak. In the first episode of the new series, Nathan is brought back to life as the leader of a wolf pack. But there’s a catch - his pack are rubbish and aren’t brave enough to kill anything. Can Nathan transform them into ruthless hunters? And will he ever it make it back to human again? Cast: Ashley McGuire - Carol Daniel Rigby – Nathan Hammed Animashaun – Bull Elk Tom Craine – Sniffly Ian Henry Paker – Lupo Freya Parker – Wolverina Mike Wozniak – Wolmenides Writers: Tom Craine and Henry Paker Producer: Harriet Jaine Sound: Jerry Peal Music Composed by: Phil Lepherd A Talkback production for BBC Radio 4
  • Alexei Sayle's Imaginary Sandwich Bar
    Alexei considers the role of the police force, discusses his own involvement in the ‘spy cops’ scandal, draws comparisons between President Assad and a beloved British comedian and details his seven stages of grief post the 2019 general election. A mixture of stand-up, memoir, and philosophy from behind the counter of an imaginary sandwich bar. Written and performed by Alexei Sayle. With original music and lyrics from Tim Sutton. Produced by Joe Nunnery A BBC Studios Production
  • Now You're Asking with Marian Keyes and Tara Flynn
    Thongs, personal grooming, rights of way across fields and 'going non-contact' get the Now You're Asking treatment in the first episode of this new series with Marian Keyes and Tara Flynn addressing real life problems sent in by their listeners. The first series was welcomed by listeners and critics. "Both are warm and kind enough to not only be funny but also offer genuinely thoughtful, if left-field, advice." (Miranda Sawyer, The Observer) "Keyes and Flynn are my new favourite double-act." (Jane Anderson - Radio Times) "I found their compassion endlessly soothing." (Rachel Cunliffe - The New Statesman) Marian Keyes is a multi award-winning writer, with a total of over 30 million books sold to date in 33 languages. Her close friend Tara Flynn is an actress, comedian and writer. Together, these two friends have been through a lot, and now want to use their considerable life experience to help solve the biggest - and smallest - of their listeners' problems. From dilemmas about life, love and grief, to the perils of laundry or knowing what to say at a boring dinner, we’ll find out what Marian and Tara would recommend - which might not solve the problem exactly, but will make us all feel a bit better. Recorded in Dublin with emails received from listeners around the world, the hosts invite you to pull up a chair at their virtual kitchen table as they read and digest their inbox. Got a problem you want Marian and Tara to solve? Email: [email protected] Producer: Steve Doherty. A Giddy Goat production for BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds

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