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Comedy of the Week

Comedy of the Week

Podcast Comedy of the Week
Podcast Comedy of the Week

Comedy of the Week


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  • Daliso Chaponda: Citizen of Nowhere
    Malawian comedian Daliso Chaponda is back with a third series of his Rose D’Or nominated show where he examines divisive global issues. Over the course the two previous series Daliso has covered colonialism, slavery, political corruption, charity, immigration, cultural relativism, dictators, and how different countries deal with the sins of their past. In this first episode of the new series, through comedy routines and guest interviews, Daliso will be tackling the subject of ‘Blame’. Performer… Daliso Chaponda Writer… Daliso Chaponda Guest… Tony Vino Additional Material… Scott Bennett Production Coordinator... Mabel Wright Producer… Carl Cooper This is a BBC Studios Production.
  • Drop The Dead Panda
    East Asian-themed comedy show written by and starring East Asian performers, namely Evelyn Mok, Ken Cheng, Anna Leong Brophy and Kuan-Wen Huang; and featuring such sketches as "My Chinese Mum Wrote A Porno", "The Support Group for East Asian Stereotypes", and a Chinese take on "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares". It is written by Ken Cheng, Evelyn Mok, Amille Jampa-Ngoen, Bruce Tang, Joanne Lau, and Vivian Xie. Producer: Sam Michell Production Coordinator: Sarah Nicholls Sound Editor: Chris Maclean A BBC Studios Productio
  • Jessica Fostekew: Powerhouse
    Absolute powershed Jessica Fostekew explores her big strong strength. Have you ever watched a feminist try and take ‘hench’ as a compliment? It’s like watching a snake eat, but funny. In this show, Jess extols the joys of weightlifting, decries the pressures put on women by the diet industry and explores the evolutionary advantage of having legs like a prize ham. Powerhouse is adapted for BBC Radio 4 from Jessica's 2019 Dave's Edinburgh Comedy Award nominated show, Hench. Written and Performed by Jessica Fostekew Production Coordinator: Tamara Shilham Producer: Lyndsay Fenner Photo credit: Idil Sukan A Whistledown production for BBC Radio 4.
  • Njambi McGrath: Becoming Njambi
    Kenyan-born comedian Njambi McGrath goes on a challenging journey of self-discovery, as she traces the roots of her upbringing and the British influences that shaped her life. In this episode, Njambi explores the history of British colonisation of her home country and how it directly impacted her father's life, and subsequently her own. Njambi shares the story of meeting her husband, starting a family and moving to the UK and becoming the talk of the town. Produced by Julia Sutherland A Dabster production for BBC Radio 4

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