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Two and A Half Amigos

Two and A Half Amigos

Podcast Two and A Half Amigos
Podcast Two and A Half Amigos

Two and A Half Amigos


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  • 146. Jonesy LA Comic | Weird AF News | Drunk History | Gotham
    Join Scott and Mark with their guest Jonesy, Jonesy delivers a daily dose of weird, strange, funny news from around the world with his own comedic twist and personal philosophies. Weird AF News:"Weird AF News is a podcast hosted by comedian Jonesy. The usual format includes three weird or strange stories from around the world which he gives his take on. It's a humorous change of pace from your typical methodical and starched news podcasts/broadcasts. Other features you can look forward to be his Florida Friday’s series, his regular shout-outs to his fans, and he will occasionally play some of the voicemails he receives from his listeners. I encourage you to give it a try!" About Jonesy Comedian: Jonesy is the host of the podcast weird as fuck news or weird, AF news. He started out as a musician. Then he was a comedian in Boston, then he move to New York and did comedy and acting on some TV shows. Outline of the Episode:● [02:20] The Brief Introduction about Jonesy.● [04:26] His experience with zoom comedy and how it was different from the Live show comedy.● [05:36] When and from where he does weird AS fuck news.● [06:40] Korea is now allowing different colors of the underwear for school.● [08:20] How Normal People See Jonesy Comedian and the one who already knows Jonesy.● [10:30] Does he feel like with the whole Covid fun of the past year and a half or so, does he feel that open his mind even more with things● [12:01] People have been shooting each other for brand new Air Jordans for decades. ● [13:59] Jonesy viewpoint about “BS information” episode that just recently came out on the 9th of April.● [16:51] How the article creates an Echo Chamber?● [23:36] Showman was the guy that was on the TV network all the time.● [28:03] We don't have anything that filters information for us. So people are lazy and they're just going to accept whatever they see on social media team.● [35:40] The next step for the information age to be successful. You have to have a filter, the information stage● [36:15] The only problem with the freedom of speech● [37:08] Are we getting closer and closer to idiocracy being like real life?● [42:06] What if the messenger has one thing that you think he's saying is right?● [49:41] Why we should not go to the Mars● [54:56] What kind of job Jonesy willing to do if he is not doing the comedy?● [58:53] What is Jonesy’s favorite or what conspiracy theory that Jonesy’s believe? Catch Jonesy! Website: Instagram: Podcast: YouTube: Connect with AmigosPC! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Check out Official AmigosPC Merch at: Join the conversation with the Amigos by becoming a member of Amigos pc get direct access to our discord and other cool free stuff
  • 145. Justine Warrington Rumbo: First Pee, Dragged Across Concrete, Earthlickers
    Join Scott and Mark with their guest, Justine Warrington, Justine Warrington is aCanadian actress from Vancouver. She is trained in theatre and is a Lyric Project Alumni, Warrington developed her career in independent film with works touring international festivals. Her original stage play - a collection of monologues entitled The Oblivion Series - celebrated its American debut on stage in the summer of 2010 at the legendary Stella Adler Theatre, LA. Her show was also selected for the inaugural Hollywood Fringe Festival. Her father was a visual artist, a renowned architectural photographer, and a war veteran. Born in Vancouver, Canada to European parents. Her mother is an English teacher, humanitarian, environmental activist, and poet. Born on the same day as Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Gloria Steinem, and Doug Stanhope. Career:Warrington is known for her work on Dragged Across Concrete, The Cabin Movie and The Professor. She was nominated as "Best Supporting Actress" at the Leo's in 2006 for her portrayal of "Ginny" the boundary-pushing sexual vixen in "The Cabin Movie". The Professor:Warrington achieved one of her career goals in 2017 when she shot a role in The Professor, opposite Johnny Depp. Depp stars as a college lecturer who is shocked to learn he has six months to live, and so he transforms into a rebellious party animal. Warrington plays someone who helps Depp’s character begin his new life. Outline of the Episode:[01:20] Justine Warrington Introduction. [02:16] The Spoof in the movie “Rainbow” [08:32] Justine Warrington talks about the process of stunts in the movie. [10:15] Justine Warrington shares experience of working with top actors of industry. [12:51] Experience shooting sex scenes.[17:07] How was the feeling working with your crush.[18:01] Desire to work with any Hollywood actor. [18:56] Mark & Scott Crush in Hollywood[20:29] Journey of becoming an actor.[24:36] What you do to improve you comedy skills and any plans to comedy in future? [29:26] Justine Warrington learning experience working in the comedy clubs.[37:17] How you stumbled across club house?[42:18] Talking about Earth lickers from the past[46:09] Favorite Conspiracy[47:48] Piece of Information that you have learned that is Illegal to know?[49:19] Justine Warrington life hack. Catch Justine Warrington! Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Connect with AmigosPC! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Check out Offical AmigosPC Merch at: Join the conversation with the Amigos by becoming a member of Amigospc get direct access to our discord and other cool free stuff
  • 144 Bad A** NFT's with Sentient Jay
    Join Scott and Mark with their guest, Sentient Jay, as they talk about theNFT’s, Block chain& Ethereum network. Sentient Jay is NFT guru and in home crypto miner.NFT:Anon-fungible token(NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digitalledger, called ablock chain, that certifies adigital assetto be unique and therefore not interchangeable.NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files. Access to any copy of the original file, however, is not restricted to the buyer of the NFT. While copies of these digital items are available for anyone to obtain, NFTs are tracked on block chainsto provide the owner with a proof ofownershipthat is separate fromcopyright.The NFT market value tripled in 2020, reaching more than $250 million.During the first quarter of 2021, NFT sales exceeded $2 billion.Block Chain:Block chain, sometimes referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT),makes the history of any digital asset unalterable and transparent through the use of decentralization and cryptographic hashing.A simple analogyfor understanding block chaintechnology is a Google Doc. When we create a document and share it with a group of people, the document is distributed instead of copied or transferred.This creates a decentralized distribution chain that gives everyone access to the document atthe same time. No one is locked out awaiting changes from another party, while all modifications to the doc are being recorded in real-time, making changes completely transparent.Of course, block chainis more complicated than a Google Doc, but the analogy is apt becauseitillustrates three critical ideasof the technology:Ethereum:Ethereumis adecentralized,open-sourceblock chainwithsmart contractfunctionality.Ether(ETHorΞ) is the nativecryptocurrencyof the platform. Amongst cryptocurrencies, it is second only toBitcoininmarket capitalization.Ethereum was conceived in 2013 by programmerVitalik Buterin.In 2014, development work commenced and wascrowdfunded, and the network went live on 30 July 2015.[4]The platform allows anyone to deploy permanent and immutabledecentralized applicationsonto it, with which users can interact.Decentralized finance(DeFi) applications provide a broad array of financial services without the need for typicalfinancial intermediarieslikebrokerages,exchanges, orbanks, such as allowing cryptocurrency users to borrow against their holdings or lend them out forinterest.Ethereum also allows for the creation and exchange ofNFTs, which are non-interchangeable tokens connected to digital works of art or other real-world items and sold as unique digital property. Additionally, many other cryptocurrencies operate as ERC-20 tokens on top of the Ethereum block chainand have utilized the platform forinitial coin offerings.Outline of the Episode: [01:19] Sentient Jay Introduction.[02:21] Block Chain (A Public Ledger)[03:45] Story of the Kid who done some outstanding things in Block chainworld [07:43] How Jay started acquiring cars?[09:30] NFTs & Ethereum network?[22:26] Ethereum Mining[24:01] Is there is any plan to handle extraordinary situations b/w Coins[30:53] NFT's, use cases and values[36:36] Government eyes on the miners and fear of losingdata due to malware[43:13] Hash rateGPU Efficiencywith Mining[46:05] Ethereum & AMD cards[50:15] China Strategy on Mining[54:27] How to find a Financial Freedom? [54:27] What are Jay's favoriteNFT's?[01:00:41] What you have learned about Crypto Currencies and NFT's that is Illegal to know?Catch Sentient Jay!Twitch: with AmigosPC!Website:https://www.amigospc.netFacebook: Twitter: out Offical AmigosPC Merch at: the conversation with the Amigos by becoming a member of Amigospc get direct access to our discord and other cool free stuff
  • 143 Joshua Schubart After series on IFTnetwork, The Tick, and High Maintenance
    Join Scott and Mark with their guest, Joshua Schubart, as they talk about the film industry, what inspired Joshua to create After and the struggles he had to overcome growing up! Today, Joshua shares his thoughts on how marriage, friendship and daily routine help him come up with new ideas for his projects. The portrayal of ‘’big’' men in entertainment  Joshua also breaks down the stereotypes of ‘’big’’ men in movies and entertainment in general. How showing your true feelings and talking about subjects like mental health is still taboo for men in Hollywood. Also, Joshua talks about how he wants to play the Thing in a Marvel movie and lists some of his favorite movies/series of all time! About Joshua  Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Joshua Schubart has been working as a professional actor for over a decade. Joshua had a tough childhood, growing up homeless and in the foster care system. At 14, his foster parents put him in Catholic school, and his life took a turn for the better. He discovered acting in his early teens, as an escape from his day-to-day challenges. Joshua has been seen in projects ranging from small indie films to walking the boards at the Metropolitan Opera. Some of his recent work includes a recurring role in the Amazon series The Tick, and appearances in Seven Seconds (Netflix) and High Maintenance (HBO). His voice can also be heard on a long list of audiobooks available on Amazon Audible, including Blue Summer, Lorelei and Blaze of Ecstasy. Outline of the Episode: (00.30) INTRODUCTION (02.30) MAKING AFTER  (03.30) GETTING MARRIED (04.40) MEN IN ENTERTAINMENT  (08.00) COMEDY ASPECTS (10.00) WIFE'S REACTION (14.20) FRIENDSHIP (15.40) PASSION (17.00) SCHOOL (19.30) MODELING (21.30) WRITING A MOVIE (28.30) WEIGHT LOSS (32.20) FUTURE ROLE (35.00) MARVEL  (37.00) VENOM (41.00) RICK AND MORTY (47.00) THE TIC (54.30) MOVIE INDUSTRY (56.20) CONSPIRACIES (1.01.30) LIFEHACK (1.03.00) ONE WAY TRIP TO MARS Catch Joshua Schubart! Website: Instagram: Twitter: IMDb: Connect with AmigosPC! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Check out Offical AmigosPC Merch at: Listen to the AmigosPC podcast on the following platforms:………
  • 142. Brent Hodge Director, Producer of The Holy Game | PharmaBro | I am Chris Farley
    Join Scott and Mark with their guest, Brent Hodge, as they talk about the journey of coming to film Industry. Brent Hodge is a Canadian-New Zealander documentary filmmaker and entrepreneur. He is best known for his documentaries I Am Chris Farley, A Brony Tale, The Pistol Shrimps, Freaks and Geeks. He has also done corporate work for ESPN, Time magazine, Karlie Kloss, CBC Music, Tourism Alberta, and National Film Board of Canada (for the movie Hue: A Matter of Colour), as well as technology startups Uber, City Storage Systems, Lightstep, Hootsuite and Steve Russell's analytics startup Prism Skylabs. Early Life: Hodge grew up in the City of St. Albert, Alberta, but moved to Victoria, British Columbia at the age of 12. He was first exposed to filmmaking in his entrepreneur class at Mount Douglas Secondary School. After high school, he attended the University of Victoria for a year before completing a degree in commerce at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Upon completing his degree he returned to Canada, attending School Creative in Vancouver, during which time he did sketch comedy with Chris Kelly, Zahf Paroo as well as Ryan Steele and Amy Good murphy from The Ryan and Amy Show. Hodge holds dual citizenship for both New Zealand and Canada. Story of “I Am Chris Farley”: Chris Farley lived his life full speed and committed to make everyone around him laugh out loud, and I Am Chris Farley will tell his hilarious, touching and wildly entertaining story for the first time ever – from his early days in Madison, Wisconsin, and at Marquette University, through his work at the legendary Second City to his rapid rise to the top of the comedy world on “Saturday Night Live” and in hit films like Tommy Boy and Black Sheep. About Brent Hodge: Brent Hodge is a Canadian-New Zealander documentary filmmaker and entrepreneur. He is best known for his documentaries I Am Chris Farley, A Brony Tale, The Pistol Shrimps, Freaks and Geeks: The Documentary, Chris Farley: Anything for a Laugh, Who Let the Dogs Out and Pharma Bro. He has been nominated for six Leo Awards for his documentary movies Winning America, What Happens Next? and A Brony Tale, winning one for A Brony Tale in 2015. He was nominated for two Shorty Awards under the "director" category in 2014 and 2015 for his work on The Beetle Road trip Sessions and A Brony Tale. Hodge also won a Canadian Screen Award in 2014 for directing The Beetle Roadtrip Sessions with Grant Lawrence. Hodge directed I Am Chris Farley in 2015 with Derik Murray of Network Entertainment. The documentary is based on the life of comedian-actor Chris Farley and features interviews with numerous actors, comedians, and others who worked with Farley during his career. The film was long-listed for an Academy Award. In 2014, Hodge released his critically acclaimed documentary A Brony Tale. It delves into the world of the teenage and adult fans of the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (called "bronies") through the eyes of musician and voice actress Ashleigh Ball on her trip to the 2012 BronyCon. Outline of the Episode: ● [02:03] Brent Hodge Introduction. ● [04:31] How Brent Came Into Film Industry ● [07:50] How Brent completed the documentary with “ I Am Chris Farley”. ● [13:10] How was the experience with the big names during the documentary. ● [19:58] How you prepare for the Interviews. ● [27:29] Journey during the “Who let the dogs out”. ● [33:27] Talking about the Soccer film. ● [42:10] Insight on Importance of Re-evaluating the work on Consistent Basis. ● [53:40] How Brent follows the north American Soccer team. ● [58:07] Favourite Conspiracy ● [59:46 ] Piece of Information that is Illegal to know. ● [01:04:34] Talking about the discoveries during the documentary that are crazy and how to handle the situation with Crew. ● [01:08:11] Guilty Pleasure Catch! Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube: Connect with AmigosPC! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Check out Offical AmigosPC Merch at: Listen to the AmigosPC podcast on the following platforms: Join the conversation with the Amigos by becoming a member of Amigospc get direct access to our discord and other cool free stuff

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