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The Rich Roll Podcast

The Rich Roll Podcast

Podcast The Rich Roll Podcast
Podcast The Rich Roll Podcast

The Rich Roll Podcast


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  • A Masterclass On Plant-Based Nutrition
    For the past year and a half, we’ve been creating quarterly episodes centered on a singular theme offered as an RRP Masterclass. These compilation episodes are derived from multiple past guests, and today, we focus our attention on plant-based nutrition.To gain the greatest insight into this topic, my team and I mined wisdom from the most esteemed doctors and the foremost experts in nutrition science that have graced the show—individuals who have direct experience with the impacts of a standard American diet, treatment protocols that include lifestyle changes toward plant fuel, the impact, and reversal of serious cardiovascular issues. The full guest list with links to their full episodes is below.Guest list:#678 – Dr. Gemma Newman#664 – Simon Hill#410 – Dr. Dean Ornish#79 – T. Colin Campbell#522 – Dr. Michael Greger#150 – Dr. Garth Davis#507 – Dr. Michael Klaper#492 – Dr. Neal Barnard#140 – Dr. Robert Ostfeld #589 – Drs. Dean & Ayesha Sherzai#349 – Dr. Joel Kahn#325 – Dr. Kim Williams#541 – Dr. Alan GoldhamerShow notes + MOREWatch on YouTubeNewsletter Sign-UpToday’s Sponsors:InsideTracker: ROKA:  roka.comStride Health: Peace + Plants,Rich Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • Whitney Cummings Is Doing The Work
    Whitney Cummings is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor, producer, and podcaster. You may know her from one of her five hilarious stand-up specials, her sitcom 'Whitney', as the co-creator of the CBS show '2 Broke Girls', or as host of the 'Good For You' podcast.Whitney’s charm and wit is legendary. But underappreciated is her knowledge and experience with mental health and emotional well-being—qualities earned from working through anxiety and and codependency disorders. All of this and more is chronicled in her hilarious and vulnerable book, 'I’m Fine …And Other Lies.'This conversation centers on mental health. We discuss codependency at length—what it is and what it isn’t—building self-esteem, creating confidence, navigating relationships, and healing from childhood trauma.We also talk about animal welfare, equestrian therapy, 12 step recovery, empathy, the importance of forgiveness, and tons more.Whitney is a blast. This episode is epic. I hope you enjoy it!Show notes + MOREWatch on YouTubeNewsletter Sign-UpToday’s Sponsors:Levels: Greens: Peace + Plants,Rich Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • Tony Riddle's Natural Lifestyle Philosophy For Optimum Health, Happiness & Vitality
    Here to rewild us and reconnect us to that which is most essential is barefoot ultra running phenom Tony Riddle. Returning for his 2nd appearance on the podcast (his first being over 3 years ago on episode #463), Tony is a natural lifestyle coach who has devoted his life to studying what makes us human and how to live naturally in the modern world.Today we pick things up where we last left off in an old school, no video, audio-only conversation convened during my recent visit to London that goes deeper into Tony's natural lifestyle practices.Tony and I cover his various endurance feats and training, his unique coaching philosophy, and the principles that underscore his new book Be More Human, a bible for deconstructing the ways of living that aren’t serving us, and reconnecting with new ways of living that are more in sync with our human biology.Show notes + MORE: on YouTube (audio only)Newsletter Sign-Up:’s Sponsors:Salomon:  roka.comAthletic Greens: Birch Living: conversation is packed with a battery of actionable practices and strategies to rewild and reboot your life. My hope is that you employ these strategies and they allow you to maximize your humanpotential. Enjoy!Peace + Plants,Rich Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • Roll On: What A Decade of Podcasting Has Taught Me About Life
    Welcome to the 2022 season finale of ‘Roll On’, our semi-bi-weekly version of the podcast where we indulge in some good-natured banter and ramble on matters of interest across culture, sports, politics, literature, art, self-betterment, and more.Today Rich and Adam talk endurance news, concerning politics, streaming selects, answer listener questions, and more. Rich also expands on the lessons he’s learned after ten years of podcasting and the wisdom he’s gleaned from some of the brightest minds on the show.Watch on YouTubeShow notes + MORE: Sign-Up:’s Sponsors:Ten Thousand: Harvest:**Special SriMu Offer: in a gesture of gratitude for listening and watching, Julie is kindly offering a special discount on her SriMu plant-based cheese. Visit and enter code RRP18 at checkout and receive 18% off. If you are ordering for Thanksgiving, make sure to place your order on or before November 13th, 2022. If you want it delivered in time for Christmas, the order deadline is December 11th, 2022.Enjoy!Peace + Plants,Rich Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • Casey Neistat's Unrelenting Pursuit Of Interestingness
    Here today fourth appearance on the podcast—(his last appearance was nearly eight years ago) is the godfather of YouTube, Casey Neistat.One of the biggest and most popular filmmakers on YouTube with over 12.5 million subscribers, Casey rose to fame through a daily vlog he commenced in March of 2015 when he began uploading a new video every single day, elevating the vlog format with next level storytelling & production value that consistently went viral & captured the fascination of millions.In addition to being a friend and occasional running partner, Casey is also an entrepreneur, an angel investor, a husband, a dad, and the director of a new documentary entitled 'Under The Influence', which chronicles the trajectory of a young YouTube creator named David Dobrik from massive popularity to disgrace and the ugly, broader truths of the creator economy that incentivized his demise.Today Casey and I dive deep into what it means to be an artist. We dive into the foundational principles of creativity, filmmaking, and storytelling. We talk about the difference between external versus internal validation and the rewards each brings.If you enjoy our conversation today, check out our earlier exchanges on episodes 73, 144, and 174.Watch: YouTube.Read: Show notes.Today's Sponsors:Athletic Greens: Calm: outerknown.comSquarespace: Whoop: InsideTracker:!Peace + Plants,Rich Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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