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Podcast The BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST with John Brenkus
Podcast The BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST with John Brenkus



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  • SARAH REINERTSEN, Paralympian, World Champion, Ironman Athlete: Find Your Brave Muscle
    Sarah Reinertsen, Paralympian, ITU Paratriathlon World Champion, Runner, and Ironman triathlon athlete joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast with John Brenkus for a milestone 100th episode. Sarah “Iron Sarah” Reinertsen is a true pioneer. Born with proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD), she made the bold decision as a seven year old to amputate her leg. She envisioned jumping right in with other kids and leading a fully active life, and that vision drives her today in breaking barriers and challenging perceptions. Sarah’s list of “firsts” could fill several lifetimes: setting her first World Record (100m dash) at age 13, first amputee featured on the cover of Runner’s World Magazine, first female athlete to complete the Ironman World Championship on a prosthetic (2005), first amputee (male or female) to grace the cover of ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue, first amputee (male or female) to participate in CBS’s “The Amazing Race”, first amputee (male or female) to complete the World Marathon Challenge (7 half-marathons on 7 continents in 7 days), and first female athlete to run the Great Wall Marathon in China on a prosthesis. Oh yeah, and Sarah’s represented Team USA at the Paralympics, is a three-time ITU Paratriathlon World Champion, has won six gold medals, and held five previous world records…all while having a full-time job at Nike. Despite Sarah’s extensive accomplishments, she will tell you that she’s made of the same stuff inside all of us, and she truly believes that we can all seek and accomplish what we envision. The bolder the better. That’s what’s bringing her back to the Kona Ironman World Championship on October 13, 2018 on Ironman’s 40th anniversary. Get ready for a serious shot of inspiration - Sarah’s energy and can-do attitude is contagious! For full show notes, visit: | Contact: [email protected] | Connect on Socials: @brinkofmidnight and @johnbrenkus_ (twitter)
  • NELSON DELLIS, 4x USA Memory Champion: How to Improve Your Memory
    Nelson Dellis, 4x USA Memory Champion and Alzheimer’s activist, joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast with John Brenkus. In this device and app-laden landscape of our day to day lives, when was the last time you aimed to remember a phone number or directions, or do some simple math relying only on your memory? While we are using our brains in new ways, we’ve also let our memory muscles go, having the ability to record, remind, and navigate through the ease of technology. Nelson Dellis wants to help and believes that developing memory is the ultimate act of being present. Being able to focus, limit distractions, and use the “awesome computer” in our heads not only helps us make more meaningful memories, but multiplies those we make and keeps our brains healthy. Nelson is a sought after author (“Remember It!”) and consultant, appearing on FOX’s Superhuman, the TODAY Show, CNN, OWN, NatGeo and many more outlets in addition to working with Fortune 500 companies, schools and universities, and professional athletes. His work is recommended by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Maria Shriver, founder of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. By the end of this episode, you’ll even be able to put into practice his memory tips! Inspired to learn and develop memory strategies after his grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Nelson also combined his passion for mountaineering with raising awareness of and funding for Alzheimer’s research through his charity Climb For Memory. His list of ascents is impressive, including Cotopaxi, Denali, Khumbu, Matterhorn, Mt Blanc and near Everest summits. He brings along those looking to make an impact, grow, and literally reach new heights in their lives! Get ready to use your brain in an impactful, practical, and calming way! For full show notes, visit: | Contact: [email protected] | Connect on Socials: @brinkofmidnight and @johnbrenkus_
  • RYAN HOWARD, MLB World Series Champion & Venture Capitalist: Doing What it Takes
    MLB legend, World Series champion, and venture capitalist, Ryan Howard joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast with John Brenkus. Ryan Howard is one of the best baseball players of the modern era, having played for the Philadelphia Phillies from 2004-2016. In baseball, he’s pretty much done it all: He hit almost 400 career home runs, had almost 1200 RBIs, and was a three-time All Star, World Series champion (2008), and National League MVP (2006) and Rookie of the Year (2005). He’s also led the league in home runs twice and RBIs three times. Needless to say, Ryan is a stud. But, what’s even more impressive than his baseball career is who Ryan is as a person and philanthropist. In this conversation, Ryan graciously shares his story of discipline, integrity, and persistence and how those skills are translating into his new pursuits as a venture capitalist. For full show notes, visit: | Contact: [email protected] | Connect on Socials: @brinkofmidnight and @johnbrenkus_ (twitter)
  • MERRIL HOGE, Former NFL Running Back + Sports Personality: Find a Way
    Merril Hoge, football analyst and former NFL running back, joins The Brink of Midnight with John Brenkus. Football season is now in full swing for both the NCAA and NFL, and Merril Hoge excelled at both levels playing running back for Idaho State University as well as the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bears. He’s also been a trailblazing analyst for many years. Whether you know Merril from the grid iron or studio, one thing is unmistakeable - Merril Hoge defines tough.  He had to help provide for his family starting at age 12 with the labor intensive job of laying pipe, and it instilled a lifelong work ethic that helped him survive nearly losing his hand, reach his childhood goal of playing in the NFL, beat cancer, and survive major head trauma and open heart surgery.  Merril inspires us all to, no matter what, “find a way” - the motto he’s had pinned to his wall since childhood.  For full show notes, visit: | Contact: [email protected] | Connect on Socials: @brinkofmidnight and @johnbrenkus_ (twitter)
  • SCOTT FLANSBURG, The Human Calculator: On Confidence
    Scott Flansburg, “The Human Calculator” and multi-award winning Guinness Book of World Records holder, joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast with John Brenkus.  Scott Flansburg has a powerful relationship with and understanding of numbers. He’s on a mission to help kids (and grown ups) feel great about math. His most powerful moments of self-discovery occurred in third, fifth, and eighth grades, so he knows a thing or to about guiding kids toward a confident and fun relationship with arithmetic.  He’s a New York Times best-selling author, has been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Larry King, Tony Robbins, and has appeared on CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and countless other major outlets. My production company also produced Scott's History Channel show, "Human Calculator." Scott travels the world speaking to educators, parents, corporate leaders, and thousands of students each year and has even visited our own kids’ school!  Remarkably, Scott didn’t graduate high school, got kicked out of the Air Force, was homeless for a period of time, and by chance met comedian Jon Lovitz, who ended up spearheading his career in becoming an “edutainer”.   This conversation will truly spark the pathways in your brain as Scott teaches us some fun number patterns, the origin of Roman numerals and the shape of modern numbers, why we should question our calendar, and how to delight in the math in our everyday surroundings, biology, and economy. He has a contagious energy that makes you want to look for math all around you!  For full show notes, visit: | Contact: [email protected] | Connect on Socials: @brinkofmidnight and @johnbrenkus_ (twitter)

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