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Open Talk Podcast

Podcast Open Talk Podcast
Podcast Open Talk Podcast

Open Talk Podcast


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  • #131 supply chain | english
    Last night I was sitting on the couch in the office thinking about things... and at some stage it felt like something hit me. The topic of supply chains crossed my mind and I thought: "Hey, I created this for myself!" Today I turned on the mic and talked about it. What do I mean by having my own supply chain and what it brings to my life, you find out by hitting the play button :)
  • #130 compassion | english
    Meeting yourself with love and compassion is something so beautiful. There is only one problem. It really is not easy. I feel like we are so used to beating ourselves up in moments where we really just need some love. That's why I made this episode, just to remind myself that being loving really makes life a lot easier.
  • #129 a little quote for you | english
    Today I found a beautiful quote in my email inbox & I wanted to share it with you. Here you go <3
  • #128 tornado | english
    Hey guys! It's the first episode in quite a while now. The last couple of days/weeks have been chaotic and tornadoish - but really really beautiful as well. I felt like sharing a bit and that’s exactly what I did. If you feel like taking a little rollercoaster ride through my last couple of weeks, fasten the seatbelts and just press play :)
  • #127 handcuffs & pride | english
    First one in english guys. I had some stuff to let go off. Love from Berlin <3

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