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JivaJam Yoga 20 Min. Yoga Session

Podcast JivaJam Yoga 20 Min. Yoga Session
Podcast JivaJam Yoga 20 Min. Yoga Session

JivaJam Yoga 20 Min. Yoga Session


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  • 57. Somatic Styling and Fearless Success: Interview with Carrie Montgomery
    Carrie Montgomery, creative director and somatic stylist for nearly a decade, discusses the empowerment that comes from dressing based on how you need to feel, rather than how society thinks you should look. She talks about the importance of authenticity and agency in our personal brands and how dressing for success is truly an inside job guided by our heart and spirit.
  • 56. Spiritual Midwifery and The Magic of a Baby Led Birth: Interview with Geneva Montano
    Geneva Montano, a midwife for more than 20 years, discusses the power of putting the authority of pregnancy and birth back into the hands of women and removing the shame around birth. Learn more about the spiritual path of birth, how to connect with baby, and how to step into this work yourself if you feel called to dive into the wisdom of the womb!
  • 55. Spiritual Business Advice: How To Find Your Niche To Skyrocket Success
    As yoga teachers and spiritual leaders, we desire to help everyone ... but can we? The success of our business and the impact we are able to make on the world is contingent on our ability to clearly define exactly who we can help ... and how! In this podcast, Alanna discusses the importance of niching down and getting super clear on the audience you can best serve and the pain points you can best solve in their lives.
  • 54. Plagued By Negative Thoughts? Four Step Process For Changing Your Mind
    It happens to us all ... we become triggered by something life throws at us, and we can't get out of a negative, downward spiral. In this podcast, Alanna reveals the psychology and spirituality behind our negative mental chatter and mindset, and gives a simple, four-step process to turn your attitude around! Gain clarity, stress relief, and the perspective you need to see a way forward.
  • 53. Getting The Answers You Need: The Tarot Deck And Intuitive Readings
    We all need answers to our biggest questions in life. As a spiritual leader and modern mystic, the best tool we have for getting those answers is with the tarot deck! If you've never considered this powerful method of divination, this podcast will explain why it works so well and help demystify it for you so that you can dig in and get the answers you need.

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JivaJam Yoga 20 Min. Yoga Session

JivaJam Yoga 20 Min. Yoga Session

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