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JivaJam Yoga 20 Min. Yoga Session

JivaJam Yoga 20 Min. Yoga Session

Podcast JivaJam Yoga 20 Min. Yoga Session
Podcast JivaJam Yoga 20 Min. Yoga Session

JivaJam Yoga 20 Min. Yoga Session


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  • Gratitude Meditation: Guidance for Relieving Stress and Anxiety in Challenging Times
    While 2020 seems to continuously bring us conflict, elevating anxiety, and wreaking havoc on our mindscapes, there is a way to escape it all: through a carefully crafted gratitude meditation. This particular practice has long been the balm on the weary soul of students, and this meditation will bring light and joy to your heart. Note: The music portion contains the chant, Gam gam gam ganapataye namaha, Ganesha Sharanam. This chant invokes Ganesh, remover of obstacles.
  • 47. 5 Ways to Make Money as a Yoga Teacher
    Struggling as a yoga teacher? This podcast clearly outlines five ways you can boost your income and serve your students with tools you have right now. Learn to pivot your business to go online and reach a wider audience!
  • 46. Launching Your Successful Online Yoga Biz: Case Study with Jory Serota
    As a career yoga teacher, making a decent living is truly challenging. However, moving our yoga business online paves the way for true success. Going online is even more important in 2020, as fellow yoga teacher, Jory Serota, shares with us in this podcast. Hear his journey of going online and his $55K launch, and how you can do it, too!
  • 45. Erotic Embodiment and Connecting To Your Wildness: A Conversation with Kait Singley of Living Eros
    2020 brings with it so many challenges, so much grief, and so many reasons to connect to our sensuality, eros, and wildness. The practice of embodied sexuality is deeply therapeutic in order to help us overcome grief to achieve greater states of pleasure. Kait Singley teaches us the importance of erotic embodiment as a spiritual practice, and offers practical tools to embark on the journey!
  • 44. Discovering the Power of Your Dreams: A Conversation with Melissa De Los Santos, Lead Mystics Mentor and Dreamworker
    We all dream, but did you know that working with your dreams unlocks the power of your psyche? Melissa De Los Santos teaches us how to delve into dreamwork and understand what messages are encoded in our dreams. There is great personal growth to be had by diving into dreams...especially for the spiritual leader!

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JivaJam Yoga 20 Min. Yoga Session

JivaJam Yoga 20 Min. Yoga Session

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