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Inside the Hive with Nick Bilton

Inside the Hive with Nick Bilton

Podcast Inside the Hive with Nick Bilton
Podcast Inside the Hive with Nick Bilton

Inside the Hive with Nick Bilton


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  • Thanksgiving Special: Dinner SOS
    A last-minute party with no menu inspiration. A kitchen with no space. A toddler who will only eat buttered pasta. Name your dinner emergency—Bon Appétit is here to help. Dinner SOS is the podcast where we answer desperate home cooks' cries for help. In every episode, food director Chris Morocco and a rotating cast of cooking experts tackle a highly specific conundrum and present two solutions. The caller will pick one, cook through it, and let us know if we successfully helped rescue dinner. Call in with your own dinner emergencies—no problem is too big or too small! For the recipes featured in Dinner SOS and more, head to or the new Epicurious App. Just search Epicurious in the Apple App Store and download today. You can find episodes of our previous podcast, Food People, here. Dinner SOS is available now via this link or wherever you get your podcasts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • “Sit Back and Let Trump Implode”: 2024 Looks Better and Better for DeSantis—But Dems Need a Message
    In the short but long weeks since Elon Musk took over Twitter, it seems like the platform, along with the social media class, has been put through the spin cycle. Between debates over who could be verified and how much that might cost, employee layoffs, and, of course, the lingering question of whether and when Donald Trump might be replatformed, there have been many questions about the fate of Twitter.    Vanity Fair’s Nick Bilton, who literally wrote the book on Twitter, joins this week’s episode of Inside the Hive, taking listeners inside his notebook to lay out the problems that Twitter faces as both a company and a barometer of the mindset of the country.    “Jack Dorsey and all the folks at Twitter used to say that Twitter is a reflection of society,” Bilton tells ITH listeners. “I think that it is a reflection of the extremes in society, and it brings out the best and, a lot more times, the worst in people because of the way it is designed.” What will happen to the platform given the political atmosphere, and can it help propel someone into the White House—or keep them out? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • “Trump Is Furious”: What the GOP’s Midterms Flop Means for a Trump-DeSantis 2024 Showdown
    Gabe Sherman, fresh off his Ron DeSantis feature, and Molly Jong-Fast, the Hive’s newest contributor, join Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan for a Wednesday-morning revel in what the midterms portend for the future of the country—not to mention for pollsters and the pundit class—and how the Democrats can contend with the GOP’s “extreme gerrymandering” in battles ahead. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • T-Minus 5 Days. Molly Jong-Fast Joins the Hive Team to Talk Midterms
    With less than a week to go until the midterms determine our country’s future, Joe Hagan and Emily Jane Fox sit down with The Hive’s newest star, special correspondent Molly Jong-Fast, and VF national political reporter Abby Tracy to break down the final stages of races across the country, including how abortion is playing as an issue.  Plus, CNBC’s Julia Boorstin stops by for a timely discussion about women in power as her new book, When Women Lead, hits shelves. In conversation with Fox, who recently profiled The Wing cofounder Audrey Gelman, Boorstin runs through some of the common traits she sees in women leaders, such as Lena Waithe, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Whitney Wolfe Herd, who are among the interviews in the book. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • “I Think You’re Reading Too Much Into That”: Ben Smith Talks the Steele Dossier, James Bennet, and—Obviously—Semafor
    The former BuzzFeed editor and New York Times media columnist offers pushback on critiques of his new media offering. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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