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Wissenschaft | Deutsche Welle

Wissenschaft | Deutsche Welle

Podcast Wissenschaft | Deutsche Welle
Podcast Wissenschaft | Deutsche Welle

Wissenschaft | Deutsche Welle


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  • Spectrum: Clean up after yourself
    Plug your nose, folks, because "poop streak science" goes well beyond the toilet bowl. Also, we plunge into the data (and psychology) of German "flings" and make an appeal for a bit – just a bit – of quiet.
  • Spectrum: Hands and feet
    You know what's better than five fingers? Six. We look at this strange new research and talk to a "polydactyl" himself. Also, go barefoot, but then put some shoes on to meet a young German woman with "foot phobia."
  • Spectrum: Alexander von Humboldt is still alive
    He was the most famous scientist in the world when he was alive. And then he was forgotten. Join us on the 250th birthday of scientist Alexander von Humboldt as we try (in vain) to summarize his achievements.
  • Spectrum: Science on the move
    On the ground, up in the air, and in the belly of a barge — science is everywhere. Zip around with us to as we dip into batteries, inhale some helium and look inside a robot's brain.
  • Spectrum: Self-driving carnage
    Drive into a child, or swerve and hit two grandparents? Such horrendously difficult choices will soon be programmed into ours cars. Cast your own vote in this moral bloodbath of an episode.

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Wissenschaft | Deutsche Welle

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